Name: Wang Wenjuan (王文娟)
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Address: Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province
Occupation: Unknown

Date of Most Recent Arrest: August 6, 2008
Most Recent Place of Detention: Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (马三家劳教所)
City: Shenyang
Province: Liaoning
Persecution Suffered: Detention, beatings, brainwashing, interrogation, forced to stand still for a long period of time, torture, force-feedings, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, being hung up, electric shock, home ransacked, extortion, confined in a mental hospital, physical restraint

( Ms. Wang Wenjuan started to practice Falun Gong in 1999. After the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong three times and was arrested each time. She was brutally tortured and brainwashed while being detained in the mental hospital. She was also illegally sentenced to forced labor.

Below is her eyewitness description of the persecution she has endured during the past ten years:

On September 6, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa for the first time. The next day I was arrested by the local police and detained at the Jinzhou City Detention Center for over ten days. I was then detained in Linghai Detention Center for over three weeks. Since I practiced the exercises in the detention center, the police brutally slapped my face many times.

On October 26, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa for the second time. Just as I arrived at Tiananmen Square, the police asked me, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" I said, "Yes, I came here to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa is good!" They arrested me and took me to the Tiananmen Square Police Station. Later I was transferred to Longfeng Hotel and detained there for six days. Then I was transferred again to the Jinzhou City Detention Center. In the middle of November, I was transferred to the brainwashing center in the Railway Detention Center. I endured forced brainwashing for over three weeks.

On December 31, 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa a third time. After I had been on the train for just an hour, the railway police got on the train and tried to force me and other practitioners to say bad things about Teacher. They said whoever did not comply was a Falun Gong practitioner and would be forced to get off the train. When the train arrived at Shanhaiguan Station, the police took all the money I had and threw me off the train. Another practitioner asked me if I would still go to Beijing, and I said I would. He then gave me a hundred yuan. I took a taxi to the next train station and tried to get on the train from there. The taxi driver told me that the police checked the train tickets very carefully and that it would be easier for me to take a bus, so I took the taxi to the bus station and boarded a bus to Beijing. On the way to Beijing, the police frequently got on the bus to check if there were any Falun Gong practitioners. When the bus stopped at the last station before entering Beijing, police got on the bus and ordered everyone on the bus to criticize Teacher Li and threatened that anyone who refused to would have to get off the bus. When the police asked me, I said, "Falun Gong is good. My neighbors practice Falun Gong." The police arrested me, took me to a police vehicle, and dropped me off at a place far from the train station (since it was New Year's Day, the police were in a hurry to get home). Then I walked a long way to the local bus station, got on the bus, and finally arrived in Beijing that same day.

On January 31, 2001, another practitioner and I finally displayed the banner, "Falun Dafa Is the Righteous Fa" on Tiananmen Square. A few police rushed over, grabbed our banner, and then dragged us into the police vehicle. They also brutally slapped my face and used my clothes to clean their shoes in the vehicle. After they stopped at the Tiananmen Police Station for a while, they sent us to a place in the suburbs of Beijing and started to interrogate us. While the police interrogated us, they continually yelled at us. After I was deceived by the police and told them my name, they took me to the Longfeng Hotel and cuffed both of my hands to the chair. At one point I asked to go to restroom. When I came back, they said, "Just cuff one of her hands. She cannot run away." At about 11 p.m., the three male officers and one female officer all fell asleep. Under Teacher's protection, I escaped with righteous thoughts and went to my elder sister's home.

On January 18, 2001, I was arrested by officers from the Jinxing Police Station when I was hanging up ruth-clarifying banners. They took me to the police station and forced me to stand for a long time and to "ride an airplane." I did not cooperate, so they kicked my legs very hard and took all of the money I had with me. Later they took us to the Lianshan Public Security Bureau overnight and interrogated us about who had made the banner. I said that I had made it. The police then beat me brutally and slapped my face. I asked to go to the restroom many times but was never allowed to. After I was tortured for a whole night, I was taken to the Nuerhe Police Station the next day. Policeman Xiao Guoqiang interrogated me but I did not tell him anything, no matter what he asked. He grabbed my hair and turned me around on the ground. He also brutally slapped my face many times. I could barely see, and my face was swollen. They also took off my heavy jacket in the cold winter. In the night, they transferred me again to the Second Detention Center in Jinzhou City. In the detention center, I went on a hunger strike to protest. They force fed m twice. They also interrogated me while the food-feeding tube was still in my mouth and kept asking me to speak. I continued the hunger strike. Finally, under Teacher's protection, I was released on bail for medical treatment on May 13.

On June 13, 2001, several officers from Tiexin Police Station broke into my home to arrest me. They even pulled out their guns, but I refused to go. They had to carry me into the vehicle and drove me to the Second Detention Center in Jinzhou City. On June 14, I was transferred to the Third Team of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City. The team leader was named Dai Yuhong. Immediately after I was arrived, the forced labor camp sent collaborators to watch me. They did not allow me to sleep and forced me to stand all the time unless I gave up my belief in Falun Dafa. They also used lies to deceive me, but I did not cooperate with anything at all. The third day they ordered me to do the slave labor work and I also refused. Team leader Dai Yuhong then forced me to sit on a very short bench for a long time.

In April 2002, I was reported to on-duty team leader Qiu Ping by the collaborators for reciting Teacher's new articles for a fellow practitioner. Qiu Ping ordered me to come to her office. I refused. A few collaborators tried to drag me, but they could not move me either. Qiu Ping handcuffed me to the radiator for a whole night. The next day Qiu Ping told me that I was not allowed to study the Fa or practice the exercises in the forced labor camp, but I refused to obey. She once again handcuffed me to the radiator and forced me to sit on a very short bench. At night, they did not release me, so I had to sleep with my hands still cuffed to the radiator and sitting on the bench for a whole month. After that, I was hacuffed onto the radiator and laid on the ground to sleep at night. Every morning when I woke up, my hands were numb and my wrists were deeply marked from the cuffs. Sometimes they handcuffed one hand and sometimes both hands. This lasted for four months.

In the middle of December, 2002, the forced labor camp started to "transform" the Falun Gong practitioners. They did not allow me to sleep and ordered me to sit on Teacher's photo. I firmly refused. Then they made me stand for a long time and threatened that they would confine me in solitary if I still refused to be "transformed." I still firmly refused. Officer Zhang Huang handcuffed both of my hands so that I had to stand on my tiptoes. I was hung up like this for over 30 hours. The next day, the collaborators took over. They tied my hands for five to six days and then forced me to squat with both hands cuffed to the bed frame. They did not allow me to go to the restroom. When they finally removed the handcuffs I could not move my left arm and had to lift it with my right hand. When I moved my right hand away, my left arm immediately fell down. Even so, Zhang Huang still used an electric baton to beat me.

On August 6, 2008, at about 6:30 a.m., officers from the Taihe Public Security Department and the Nuerhe Police Station hid in front of the building where I lived to wait for me. When I went home, Dai Yong, Xiao Guoqiang, and other two policeman arrested me and took me to the Nuerhe Police Station. They also took away my cell phone and house keys. Then they broke into my home, smashed the lights, and confiscated my home! They made my home a mess. They also stole my ring and the 30 yuan left in my wallet. In the middle of the night, they took me to the First Detention Center in Jinzhou City.

On August 18, 2008, police officers Wang Dingke, Xiao Guoqiang, and Zhang Huili lied to me, saying that they were taking me home. However, they actually took me to the Kangning Mental Hospital in Jinzhou City. They tied my hands and feet with ropes so that I could not move. I was then painfully tortured in the mental hospital. If I refused to eat, Doctor Lin and Li Qiang used the electric needle to shock me. I was tortured in the mental hospital for over two months.

On October 24, 2008, policeman Xiao Guoqiang and others went to the mental hospital and took me back to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. They threatened to sentence me to two years of forced labor. I still did not corporate them. Team leader Zhang Zuohui used an electric baton to hit me and handcuffed me. If I refused to eat, they used the electric baton to shock my mouth.

No matter how they tortured me, I firmly refused to cooperate with them. Two months later, I was released unconditionally under Teacher's protection.

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