(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I started practicing in 1998. I would like to share my experiences of overcoming tribulations with firm belief in Master and the Fa.

Once when my luggage was checked while I was going through Guangzhou Train Station, they found a copy of Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books. Three authorities interrogated me, one after the other, and I was detained there for two hours. At that time, when I was facing the evil, my first statement was "Falun Gong did nothing wrong. You must release me." I was interrogated last by someone from the provincial police department. He was very rough at the beginning, but before long, he didn't even dare to look at me. He said, "All the Falun Gong practitioners we arrested before were put into custody. You are lucky today, you can go now." After I returned home, when I thought about why I was persecuted, I came to understand that I was not respectful to Dafa and did not take good enough care of my Dafa books.

Another time when I went to Guangzhou again by train, I was reading the Fa in the corridor of a sleeper compartment. When the train policeman saw me reading the book, he took it away and also took my ID card. When he uttered some disrespectful words about Dafa, I immediately said, "Be respectful! Teacher Li is my Master." He asked, "Do you respect Li Hongzhi more than your own father?" I told him, "Yes, I respect Master more than my father." He lowered his head, and I did not see him raise it when I left. Then, six train policemen and train attendants came and told me to go with them. They ordered me to get off the train. I took two steps and then thought that it was really a good opportunity to let people know the truth and save them. I started shouting, "Do you know what Falun Gong is? Go home and ask your relatives and neighbors. People practice Falun Gong everywhere. Falun Gong teaches people to be good and we are persecuted for no reason." They stopped, and the head of the police turned around 180 degrees. He said, "Stop shouting. The CCP gives us food and orders. The Party wants us to arrest you, and we are following orders. Today we will give you a way out. Here is your ID; go back to your bunk." I followed them for about four compartments and found the policeman who had taken my Dafa books. He said, "Looking at your conduct, I want to see what is in the book."

At a different time, also on a train, tickets for a bunk in a passenger sleeper compartment were sold out. My friend and I each paid 50 yuan more and bought two tickets for bunks in the attendant sleeping compartment. While I was reading the Fa, the head of the train crew came in. He asked me what I was reading that I was so absorbed in. I told him I was reading a cultivation book. He said that he wanted to look at it and took my book as he was talking. After he looked at the book, he looked me up and down and said, "You don't look mentally abnormal; why are you reading this book?" Just then, another attendant came and said, "That is really a good book." I said, "It is because the author is really good, that is why he can write such a good book." It was time for the attendants to change shifts. The two attendants kept asking questions, and I answered each as best I could. At last, the attendant head said, "Don't say anymore. This is the compartment for attendants only. If it were a passenger compartment, we would have to take it seriously." He then returned the book to me and said, "Go ahead, read. We are going to rest." We were at peace with each other for the remainder of the trip. When I got off the train, the attendants looked at me with admiration, and some of them nodded to me.

The authorities found several hundred truth clarification leaflets and CDs in a fellow practitioner's home. I had delivered them. An evil person quizzed me as to the source of these materials. I told him, "You don't need to bother to ask me where the materials came from. I will not tell you anything. If you want to know how many informational leaflets I have delivered, I can tell you now. I deliver once a week. Each time I deliver a minimum of one pack, sometimes one bag, and sometimes I even use a vehicle to deliver." He was taking notes, but he heard me say that, he stopped. His face turned pale and his voice trembled. He rolled the notes he was taking into a ball and threw it away. He said, "You're a fool. Aren't you afraid of death? All the others tried hard to deny it, but you acknowledge everything." I replied, "'Upon hearing the Tao in the morning, one can pass away in the evening without regret.' I have already obtained the righteous Fa. Death is nothing to me, and I am not afraid of it." He asked me, "What is your wife going to do?" I replied, "She can do whatever she wants." He then asked, "How about your child?" I told him that everyone's life is predestined and that my child would not starve because someone with a predestined relation would raise him. He said, "Since you are so committed, nobody can do anything to you. You can go home." He seized 5000 yuan from me and let me go. (This was the result of my attachment of zealotry, which was aroused by his comment. Because I had delivered materials for a long time and my thought was not pure, I often thought that, if I were arrested, it would cost me no more than 5000 yuan.)

One day I was working in a customer's home. The daughter of this family was very pretty and she was helping me. Before long, I had a thought of wanting to look at her. This thought was caused by my attachment to lust, which was inflated by the evil. On my way home after work, before I had distributed even a dozen leaflets, someone reported me. A police vehicle stopped me and five people dragged me into it. In the vehicle, I called home. When the police saw that I was on the phone, they demanded, "Who said you could make a phone call?" I said, "Who said I couldn't?" Then they asked me why I did not get permission before I made the call. "Why do I have to ask for permission? Why are you arresting me?" I asked. Someone replied, "You know the reason." I said, "I do not know. You are interfering with my life." One of them asked, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" I replied, "That has nothing to do with you." After they took me to the police station, they searched me but found nothing they wanted. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and did not answer any of their questions. Two hours later, they allowed me to leave. Before I left, the police station head said, "Mr. Wang, I am warning you. We will send you to the forced labor camp if we arrest you again." I said, "I am also warning you. There are high beings three feet above one's head! Good will be rewarded and evil will be punished!"

Looking back on my cultivation path, each incident of persecution against me was due to an attachment of mine. Since I did not panic when the incident took place and I was able to maintain strong righteous thoughts, I firmly believe that Master was watching over me, since each event was shocking but not dangerous. However, there are also many things that I have not done well. From now on, I must do each well and be worthy of the great title of "Dafa disciple" in the universe.