(Clearwisdom.net) The Tumuji Force Labor Camp is near the borders of Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, and Inner Mongolia. It consists of two units, a "strict management" squadron and another group. It holds practitioners from Inner Mongolia, as well as other places, such as Beijing and Baicheng in Jilin Province. The following describe cases of torture of women practitioners in the camp.

Physical Punishment and Prison Term Extended For Practitioners Who Refused to Raise their Hands to Take Oaths

Between May 2007 and June 2008, the women's section of the camp forced prisoners to raise their hands to take oaths in flag-raising ceremonies held every Monday and holidays. Brigade chief Di Fengrong ordered practitioners to submit written ideological recognition reports regarding the July 1st flag-raising ceremony (CCP celebrates its creation on July 1st). Practitioners Ms. Xiao Lijuan, Ms. Ma Xiuping, and Ms. Fu Zhixia had to stand facing the sun for the whole morning because they refused to take the oath during one of the ceremonies in July. The camp administration extended the prison terms of Ms. Ma and Ms. Fu for fifteen days. Guards repeatedly threatened practitioners, saying, "We will count the times that you do not raise your hands to take the oath and report you to the administration. You will be punished and your prison term will be extended."

Physical and Mental Abuse Towards Practitioners Who Refused to Wear Prisoner Uniforms

Ms. Wang Guiyan refused wearing prisoner uniforms in order to protest her illegal imprisonment in July 29, 2009. Guard Liu Qihua knocked her front teeth out and damaged another one. Several guards ripped off all her clothes including her bra. Her menstrual pad was exposed. Guards verbally abused her in front of others and poked fun at her.

Ms. Li Shulian, a Beijing practitioner in her sixties, also refuse to wear prisoner clothing. Liu Qihua slapped her in the face continuously nine times, and even bit her on the arm. It was too painful for her to eat because both her cheeks were swollen as a result of the beating. Guard Liu Qihua bit Ms. Li Shulian on her arm.

Manzhouli City practitioner Ms. Xu Dongping shouted "Falun Dafa is good" while half a dozen guards dragged her because she refused to wear prisoner clothing. Chief guard Xu Qiuhua taped her mouth shut, saying, "I'll tell you when to shout!"

Ms. Wei Shuqin Was as Thin as a Skeleton As a Result of Torture

It was 10:00 p.m on a night in July 2009 when most of the prisoners were just laying down on their beds. Brigade political instructor Zhou Guolin came in. She saw Beijing practitioner Ms. Wei Shuqin sitting cross-legged on the bed, then grabbed her by the collar and dragged her away by force. Others were alerted by the loud noise. They got up, and saw that Ms. Wei had her head down on the ground motionless and there was blood on the ground. Zhou tried to stop the bleeding by applying some paper towels. But the blood seeped through the paper. Ms. Wei's face and clothes were covered with blood. She was taken to the hospital where her wound was closed by several stitches. Zhou changed her reason for the cause of the wound by saying "Wei Shuqin fell to the ground while she was practicing Falun Dafa." The stitches were taken off her wound seven days later. Guard Xu Qiuhua put a garbage bag into her mouth, saying she had bad breath. She could not sleep during her recovery and sat on the bed in the middle of the night. Guard Wang Guirong dragged her into a monitor room, handcuffed her for five hours, and beat her on the face using a dustpan. Ms. Wei was as thin as a skeleton as a result of the torture.