(Clearwisdom.net) I had been married for a little over two years, when in 2005 I learned that I was pregnant. Words could not express my great joy. While immersed in my great happiness I developed pharyngitis and asthma so severely that I even wanted to end the pregnancy. My husband firmly objected. We were working far away from our hometown at that time, and that very day my husband sent me back home.

When I returned home, I had a prenatal check-up at the local hospital. The doctor told me that since my asthma was so severe, it could potentially affect the fetus. He immediately admitted me into the hospital. Two days later my asthma seemed to be under control. I paid no attention to the pain in my lower back, as I thought it was a normal part of pregnancy, but the pain became more than I could bear. The doctors didn't become aware of how serious this was until I hadn't slept or eaten for three days. They started intravenous feeding, but three days later I had not urinated at all. At this point they gave me an ultrasound, but after many attempts they found nothing. They gave me multiple intravenous feedings, but the pain showed no signs of alleviating. They relied on morphine to relieve the pain but at most I slept about an hour a day. The doctors were at their wit's end. They invited famous specialists within the city to give their consultations. They initially diagnosed my condition as acute nephritis and transferred me to another hospital.

After switching hospitals, the doctors discovered I had kidney stones and accumulated fluid in the kidneys, which was why I could not urinate. In addition, the urethra and and the urinary bladder also had stones. I was already over five months pregnant, and the doctor repeatedly stressed to my mother the seriousness of my condition, and advised aborting the fetus for the sake of saving me. After my illness was cured, he said I could then give birth to a healthy baby. My mother, who practices Falun Dafa, firmly opposed inducing an abortion and earnestly told him, "I want to preserve the life of both the mother and the baby." The doctor repeatedly told her to reconsider but she didn't budge in the slightest. She immediately called and asked my paternal grandmother, who also practices Falun Dafa, to come. The two of them sent strong righteous thoughts.

On the second day the doctor brought the critically ill and consent for surgery notices for my family to sign. My mother repeatedly refused. She said we needed to protect both the mother and the child. My husband and I don't practice Falun Dafa. With teary eyes, we had no choice but to sign our names. The doctor asked us to prepare. He said that at 1:30 p.m. that afternoon, he would begin by puncturing the urinary bladder in order to release the accumulated urine, and would then conduct a blood dialysis procedure. I was in a continuous state of semi-coma due to the severity of the pain. My mother and grandmother continuously sent forth righteous thoughts by my side. About an hour before the surgery my mother told me, "Don't be afraid, your grandmother and I will always be by your side. Remember the nine lucky characters..."

As soon as she said this, my mother discovered that the urinary bag looked different. Blood was flowing through tube connected to the bag. She erroneously thought that I was having a massive hemorrhage. After seeing this, my grandmother didn't even bat an eye and continued to send righteous thoughts. My mother discovered that after a few dozen centiliters of blood flowed out, yellow liquid filled the tube. There was sediment mixed in with the yellow liquid. Seeing the urinary bag quickly filling up, my husband rushed to look for the doctor to replace it. The doctor questioned whether this was possible. There wasn't even any medicine given intravenously, only nutrients. How could this happen? He was skeptical when he came to my room, and was shocked when he saw the bag. He shouted to the nurse, "Quickly! Urine is filling the bag, quickly replace it. It's unbelievable!" The bags were replaced one after another. My mother and grandmother just laughed when the doctor acknowledged what had just happened. I was in a semi-conscious state.

The next day, the whole kidney department debated in low voices about this miraculous cure. Even my primary doctor joked with me, "You were like a bomb that could explode at any time. What doctor would dare treat you? You were able to discharge the urine, which is extremely fortunate!" But I was very clear about from where this great fortune had come.

After leaving the hospital my baby became healthier and healthier, but I still had a question. I asked my mother why she didn't worry that the child would be unhealthy, or would be a great burden after it was born. My mother smiled and said, "I never thought of those things. The baby is also a life. You can't kill another life." With just a few words, she expressed the great compassion of Falun Dafa practitioners.

When I was seven months pregnant, my whole body was extremely itchy. After ruling out the possibility of food allergies, the doctor said that it was due to a blockage in the gallbladder. He was not clear regarding the origin of this, but said that the majority of children born under these conditions are mentally retarded or slow. The doctor gave me some supplementary traditional Chinese medicine to try and protect the unborn child. But I didn't know that the medicine contained Chinese rhubarb. Medicine that contains rhubarb should not be taken when pregnant, but I did not know this until after I had taken it. I once again didn't wish to have this child, but my mother said that it didn't matter, and that I was going to have a healthy baby.

In 2006, with my family greatly looking forward to the birth of my child, and with the help of my mother's firm beliefs, I safely gave birth to my son. He is very healthy and is ever smarter than his peers. He is becoming a practitioner. With my own eyes I have personally witnessed the miracles of Falun Dafa. I am forever grateful to Great Master Li Hongzhi.