(Clearwisdom.net) Officers from the Liushan Police Station arrested Mr. Wang Jinxian, 60, from Linqu County, Weifang City when he was in a market on October 2, 2010. The police then went to his home, where they ransacked the place and confiscated MP3 players and some Falun Dafa materials. Wang Jinxian was taken to Linqu County but his current whereabouts are not known.

Mr. Wang Jinxian had in past years suffered with a kidney deficiency, insomnia, and some other diseases which made his life miserable. With the hope that his diseases would be cured, he began to practice Falun Gong in 1999. As a result his health returned to normal very quickly. However, when he was telling people about his personal experience of benefiting from Falun Dafa to prove that the practice brought numerous benefits and didn't do any harm to society, he was detained by the police many times. His personal belongings were confiscated, and he was brutally tortured while in custody.

Officers from the Liushan Police Station took Mr. Wang to the Linqu Detention Center. The guards had the inmates beat Mr. Wang to force him to give up his beliefs. They used pliers to pinch his thigh muscles and did not give him anything to eat or drink for several days. His throat became hoarse and he could not empty his bowels because he was so dehydrated. As a result he was too weak to even straighten his back and he was so thin he looked frightening.

The old man was detained once again prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. His mobile cart and the goods on it, which were worth 2,000 to 3,000 yuan, were confiscated. Then the thugs went to his home and grabbed his life savings of over 20,000 yuan. Later, Mr. Wang was given his cart back, but it was totally empty.

When his wife went to the police station to ask for their savings to be returned, the lawless officers not only did not return the money but they also said a lot of bad things to her. They said that 20,000 yuan was nothing, and that if she dared to show up at the station again she would be arrested.

Mr. Wang was later taken to Zhangqiu Forced Labor Camp, where he was beaten for resisting the maltreatment he was receiving.

Liushan Police Station: 86-636-3433110
Ma Lianzhi, Director of Linqu County 610 Office: 86-636-3116118 (W), 3160866 (H), 13806360696 (Cell)
Ma Hongsheng: 86-636-3217433
Zhou Shanwu, State Security Division: 86-636-3217433