(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, some local practitioners and those from another area cooperated well with each other. They arranged for family members of detained practitioners in two areas to visit their imprisoned family members at a forced labor camp. At the same time, over ten practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts near the camp to eliminate the evil that held the forced labor camp in its grasp, as well as to strengthen the families' and detained practitioners' righteous thoughts. We were successful, as the evil that had invaded the camp was destroyed.

There were obstacles in the process of organizing and coordinating this activity, as a result of old force elements. At first, a family member (also a practitioner) of a detained practitioner refused to cooperate. He used the excuse that this particular labor camp was notorious for torturing practitioners and any family visitation would be denied. When trying to visit earlier with a fellow practitioner, the forced labor camp demanded notification from the local police station that they were not practitioners. We exchanged our thoughts concerning the above incident, based on the Fa, with this practitioner and arrived at the understanding that we should just do what Teacher asks us to do, which is negating all of the old forces' arrangements.

The night before our trip, there was interference again. A practitioner who wanted to join us for sending righteous thoughts in close range of the camp had a family emergency. Her older sister, who was visiting, suffered a mental collapse for no apparent reason, and she had to take care of her. Another practitioner was going to be picked up at a specific location, but a large trailer blocked her from being seen by her ride and thus she ended up staying behind. In addition, the highway entrance we had to take to get to the labor camp was closed due to fog.

We sat in the car and sent righteous thoughts for over 40 minutes until the fog lifted. During our wait, a police car with flashing lights drove towards the highway entrance and passed by us. This arrangement was trying to fill us with fear in an attempt to stop practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions. We were not moved. The police drove off and we went on our way to our destination. Nothing could stop us from doing what we had planned.

Some of the drivers were novice and lacked driving experience. They had to drive over 250 km (over 150 miles) to the camp. They relied on Teacher's protection and practitioners' righteous thoughts. As we were unfamiliar with the road, we used a navigation device. Again, the old forces element interfered and the device malfunctioned. The driver remained calm and with our faith in Teacher and Dafa, we kept going towards our destination. While sitting in the cars we sent righteous thoughts and disintegrated all evil disturbances in other dimensions.

We arrived before noon and stopped the car at the front gate of the camp. We decided to send righteous thoughts facing the camp. At around 2 p.m., we decided to skip lunch, ate some fruit and continued sending righteous thoughts. All of the practitioners cooperated well. Some sat in the car in the full-lotus position and some were holding their hands up as Teacher has taught us for sending righteous thoughts. Some walked around the perimeter of the camp, and focused their thoughts on destroying anything that interfered with the family visit. For three to four hours of continuously sending righteous thoughts close to the labor camp, practitioners worked to eliminate all evil beings and old force elements that persecuted practitioners, and strengthened the righteous thoughts of detained practitioners.

Family members visited with the detained practitioners and let them know that fellow practitioners were collectively sending forth righteous thoughts outside the camp to disintegrate the evil. The detained practitioners instantly understood and felt inspired. After 4:00 p.m., we left for our respective homes and arrived safely between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m., being constantly safeguarded by Teacher.

One practitioner was released after three months of illegal detention, because her family cooperated with local practitioners and hired an attorney. The attorney filed a lawsuit against the camp for detaining the practitioner.

After returning home, this practitioner shared that on the day when practitioners were sending righteous thoughts outside the labor camp walls, her body was light and she felt rather comfortable.

This practitioner's release was due to her righteous thoughts, the actions by the attorney, and local practitioners' sending righteous thoughts in close proximity towards the labor camp.

From this experience, it can be seen that when practitioners cooperate well, harmonize with each other, and form one body, the power of righteous thoughts is formidable. They disintegrate all that is evil.

My sharing may not be at all times within the Fa. Therefore, please kindly point out anything that would help me improve so that I may walk my cultivation path steadfastly.