(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Xia is a good teacher, and her students and their parents like her very much. She has been persecuted for 11 years for practicing Falun Dafa. In August 2008, she was released from Xinxiang Women's Prison. About a year later, in December 2009, she was illegally arrested again. Now she is being held in Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Center in Liaoning Province.

Brutally beaten by division head Liu Xia

On August 2, 2010, Wang Yanping and You Ran, the heads of the division, found Ms. Liu Xia's notebook in which she had recorded many of the inhumane things being done to practitioners in the forced labor camp, including how Wang and You beat and deceived the inmates. When the division heads realized that their wrongdoing had been regularly exposed on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, they were infuriated.

In the morning on August 3, they ordered Ms. Liu to come to their office. They punched and kicked her; hit her with their shoes; pinched her face, temples, and ears; and pulled her hair. They beat her so savagely that she was unconscious for five days. Her face was black and blue, and afterward her vision was impaired and her reactions were slow. They also extended her term by 50 days without going through any legal procedures.

Wang Yanping, the head of the division, beat Ms. Liu without mercy

On October 4, 2010, when Wang Yanping was on duty, she beat Ms. Liu using the excuse that Ms. Liu had disobeyed. Ms. Liu told her that beating was illegal, but Wang said, "I'm beating you, so what?" She punched and kicked Ms. Liu and a guard came to join in the beating. Even though she had beaten her viciously, Wang was not satisfied, so she dragged Liu Xia to a small storeroom to continue abusing her. She ordered Liu Xia to report loudly to the empty room. Wang pulled Ms. Liu's hair from behind while kicking at her legs. She threw her to the ground and beat her with a baton. She also hit her ears, kicked her shoulder and chest, and even struck her fingers.

Then Wang scratched her own hands, but she called a staff person, Qu, and lied, claiming that Ms. Liu had assaulted her, so she handcuffed her. Wang ordered Qu to lock the door from the outside so that only the inspectors could open it.

Concerned about Wang, Ms. Liu told her several times that what she was doing was illegal. But Wang refused to listen and instead she shouted, "I know beating is illegal. Do you know how I became the chief of the division? What I say here is the law, and everyone must obey me. "

In this prison, division heads like Wang Yanping are capable of anything. Ms. Liu's life is in jeopardy.