Name: Leng Xuefei (冷雪飞)
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Address: Yueyang City, Hunan Province
Occupation: Employee at Chenglingji Food Storage in Yueyang, Hunan Province

Date of Most Recent Arrest: May, 2006
Most Recent Place of Detention:
Changsha Women's Prison (湖南长沙女子监狱)
City: Changsha
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, brainwashing, beatings, forced labor, forced to stand still for long periods of time, hung up, illegal sentencing, solitary confinement, torture

( Deng Jiao from the Baishiling Police Department in Yueyang delivered a notice to Ms. Leng Xuefei's home at 2 a.m. on July 21, 1999, stating that she could not practice Falun Gong anymore. Ms. Leng and her family have been continually harassed by the authorities since then.

Ms. Leng went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in September 1999, but was arrested before she arrived at the appeals office. She went to the Beijing Appeals Office again in March 2000, and was arrested by the Yueyang police. She was detained for more than 40 days in the Yueyang County Detention Center.

In July 2000, Ms. Leng was taken to a forced labor camp for one year. She was held in solitary confinement for nearly one month, where she was handcuffed and forbidden to do the Falun Gong exercises. She was also not allowed to take a shower or change her clothes. Her term at the labor camp was extended for another year because she refused to renounce her belief.

Ms. Leng was released in July 2002, but due to pressure from the authorities, her husband could not stand it any longer and was forced to divorce her. Their son went to live with his father.

The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance remained in Ms. Leng's heart and she continued to tell people about the greatness of Dafa and exposed the persecution. The Yueyang police wanted to arrest her again and posted her photo and information on the streets. For several years, she remained homeless to avoid persecution.

In May 2006, Ms. Leng was arrested again by the Qianglianghu police in Yueyang. In November 2006, she was sentenced to four years in prison by the Junshan District Court in Yueyang. In the prison, Ms. Leng was forced to watch videos defaming Falun Gong, and was subjected to various forms of torture. She was forced to stand in freezing temperatures and was handcuffed in strenuous positions. Ms. Leng has been severely tortured mentally and physically. Though Ms. Leng has now been released, she has lost her family and has no place to live.

Those responsible for the persecution:

Qi Guangyi from the 610 Office in Yueyang
Yu Zhihe and Zhao Wenhua from the Qianglianghu Police Station
Li Jun, prison guard
Inmates working for the guards in prison: Xiang Lianhua, Cao Haiyan, Liu Yan, Zheng Zhao, He Ying

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