(Clearwisdom.net) I started reading the Minghui website (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom) beginning in 2005. Now it's a natural thing for me to read Minghui articles everyday. Back then if I went on a business trip occasionally, I would download all the articles published on those days and read them when I returned home. Now it's easier for me to read the website because I can read it using my cell phone. Whenever I finished reading the articles, I would think: "Today's Minghui webpage will become the history of tomorrow. The process of Fa rectification is moving forward so quickly, but many fellow practitioners haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, and many of them haven't come to understand its importance."

There are new articles on the Minghui website everyday. Everyday the editors are making great efforts. Teacher is watching and protecting Minghui compassionately. Now we have established such a credible website through which we can read Teacher's Fa lectures in a timely manner and walk on the righteous path of cultivation. Because of this, we should cherish this website.

Teacher publishes all of His new Fa lectures and articles on the Minghui website so that all practitioners around the world are able to read them promptly. In the past, some false articles were spread among fellow practitioners. When they tried to create chaos, their main purpose was to prevent practitioners from reading the Minghui articles and to keep practitioners' from reading Teacher's genuine Fa and articles. In consequence, some practitioners were confused by the false articles when their human attachments were taken advantage of. As a result, these practitioners caused losses in their own cultivation and in Fa validation.

By reading Minghui articles, we can better understand cultivation and become one body. During the process of assisting Teacher in Fa rectification, we can encourage each other, share our cultivation experiences, and follow Teacher closely. As such, our path of cultivation will become more righteous and solid. Teacher said,

"Students everywhere--be it in the mainland, outside China, or wherever it may be--can share experiences via the Minghui website. By giving Dafa disciples a channel such as this in their cultivation, each is able to promptly learn the overall situation of Dafa disciples' cultivation; and the site serves as an indirect means of communication as well. This is excellent." (From "Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website's Founding")

During the past several years, I have really experienced what Teacher describes. For example, if for a period of time I slacked off in sending righteous thoughts or practicing the exercises, I would come across relevant sharing articles on the Minghui website, through which I could identify my shortcomings, rectify my incorrect cultivation state, and become diligent again. Many practitioners have had similar experiences.

As far as I know, more and more ordinary people are reading the Minghui website. Just as some practitioners have said, "Minghui is a gas station for practitioners and pushes us to be diligent; it is a detergent for ordinary people and washes away their dirt." It's true. Of all the media and websites around the world today, Minghui stands out as a pure and righteous medium, leading the world's people to return to tradition and upgrade their moral standards. I believe that whoever visits this website will benefit a great deal because it embodies compassion and has rich content. If the Chinese Communist Party had not blocked it, there would have been more people reading the Minghui website. Let's recommend the Minghui website to more people from now on.