(Clearwisdom.net) I became a true young Falun Dafa practitioner in the summer of 2008. When I first obtained the Fa, my celestial eye opened right away, and I was very willing to practice. Encouraged by my mother, I wrote an article entitled "What a Young Practitioner Saw in Another Realm" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2009/1/14/103893.html) and another article for this May's Minghui article series for World Falun Dafa Day, entitled "Stories about Young Practitioners Cultivating Diligently"[published in Chinese only]. Both of them were published on the Minghui website. Last year when my father came to Changchun City to live with us, he didn't allow my mother or me to do the exercises. My mother made it through this trial, and in the end my father didn't stop her from doing the exercises. But my father didn't know that I practiced as well, and I didn't want him to find out and only did the exercises and studied the Fa when he was not around. Last year I became a high school student, and my homework increased, so I seldom did the exercises, and I only studied the Fa occasionally. Therefore, I couldn't see anything with my celestial eye anymore. My mother became worried and tried all kinds of things to help me. Recently I began to study the Fa and do the exercises again. A little while after turning off the lights and going to bed I got up, put on my headphones, and did the exercises with the music from the MP3 player through the headphones. The next evening, I saw the other dimensions again. I saw the mother who gave birth to my main spirit, and I saw her crying. She had a talk with me, which made me feel very ashamed. I'm writing about my experience in order to encourage those practitioners who are not very diligent to be diligent and catch up.

It was the evening after I began to do the exercises again. By the time I had finished doing my homework, it was already 10:30. I turned off the lights and pretended to go to bed. Then my mother said we should both sit in the lotus position. It had been almost a year since I had stopped doing the sitting meditation, and I almost couldn't sit in that position anymore. When I first learned the Fa, right away I could sit in the lotus position for 15 minutes. A few days later, I could sit for half an hour. One time I managed to sit for 50 minutes. I progressed quickly then. That day, however, I could only sit in a half lotus. I soon entered into tranquility. I saw the dark elements in my body dropping away layer by layer. When I was doing the exercises before, I felt my whole body was very light, now I felt it was very heavy. Before I went to bed, I reminded myself to do the standing exercises in the morning. After I woke up, before getting up, I felt my body flying while my mind was not very conscious. I was flying higher and higher and felt very comfortable. I flew to a very big open space full of lotus flowers in another dimension that I had seen before. There were also palaces. Seeing such a place with nothing in it now, I wanted to leave. Right then, a fairy-like lady walked towards me and stopped me. I said, "What are you doing?" She didn't want to let me go, so I kicked her. She was not upset with me. Instead, she squatted down and hugged me and then she started to cry. She said, "You just follow me, I want you to see one place." I said I couldn't go, because I couldn't stay there for much longer, otherwise my flesh body would die in the human world. She responded, "I will take you back in a short while."

She took me to a deserted place, full of weeds. I asked her, "What kind of place is this?" It was dead; there was not even one soul. She said this was the world created from my cultivation. Because I didn't clarify the truth to people to save them, this was how my world was. I didn't save people, so my world had nobody in it. That made me feel awful. She pointed at something like a big screen and this scene appeared: A dark dragon was being dismantled. It was broken into several pieces and many small pieces, and these small pieces fell into the human world. Wherever a piece landed, it brought disaster to the human world. I saw a dragon paw fall on my home. It felt as if it was pressing against my head, and it didn't allow me to study the Fa or do the exercises. It separated me like a wall and was the reason for so many tribulations at home. I also saw that, after school had ended, I had clarified the facts to a classmate. He had agreed to quit the Young Pioneers and the Youth League. I said that I'd give him nickname, then I'd help him quit. Just then, another student ran over and said, "What were you talking about? Falun Gong? Never believe it!" Hearing that, the first student said he didn't want to quit. On the bus ride home I was extremely disappointed. This time I clearly saw in other dimensions the reason why the second student came over: the dark dragon's tail was on the student, manipulating him to interfere with me. There was a third student in between the student I was trying to save and myself. Even though I was beside the third student, he didn't get what I was saying at all. So if I were to add, "Eliminate the separation between my field and his" while clarifying the truth, it would have had a better effect.

The fairy said, "What you were seeing was your cultivation level. You came from a very high level. Because you didn't stick to cultivation, it looked like it'd be impossible for you to return to where you were from. Your mother's level was much lower than yours. However, her level has far exceeded yours." (I'm not quite sure whether she was referring to the level where I came from or my current level.) She then said she'd take me to the level where I came from. She flew me up to a very high place. There, I saw a big palace. Many people lived there, many of them my relatives, such as my two aunts, who were both practitioners.

An old woman of average height appeared. She seemed to be a leader. When she saw me, she began to cry and her tears were running down her face. She said, "My child, I am your mother." I said, "You are not my mother. How could you be? You are so old. My mother is much younger than you." She said, "I am the mother who gave birth to your main spirit. I have been here waiting for you to reach consummation, then return home. You stopped cultivation for a while. For that, I have cried so many times. These were all your family members. Everyone else has all reached consummation and cultivated to very high levels except you. I was so afraid that you couldn't reach consummation and couldn't come back. You must save people, otherwise how could you possibly come back?" I replied, "I did clarify the facts to them, they just didn't believe me." She said, "You need help, and your mother in the human world can give you a hand. Through her help, after you manage to save five people, your path will be opened. Then you can do it on your own. The classmates you meet after you transfer to another Chinese class are all waiting for you to save them." I said, "The students in that class were much younger than I am. If I were to join them and study with them, people would laugh at me." The old woman said, "Ideas in the human world are reversed. Gods never measure a person with that standard. Gods only look at how many people you save, which equates to how much mighty virtue you build. As long as you keep studying the Fa and do the exercises, your wisdom will increase. In your past few lives, you were a great poet." At that time, an image appeared in front of me what I was like back then. She continued, "And before this life, you reincarnated in the US. The reason why you did very well in studying English was because it was your native tongue in your previous life. Later, because of interference from the evil, you were unable to keep up with cultivation, because the evil wanted to prevent you from saving people there. You must remember this: Study the Fa more and do the exercises, and send more righteous thoughts to eliminate evil. This will enable your innate ability to be displayed more and more. Save more people. Even though it looks like you are saving them, as a matter of fact, it is also saving yourself. We are all waiting for you to come back." The old woman broke into tears again. As she pushed me away, she said, "Please go back."

I woke up and was stunned. I very much regretted stopping cultivation for a while. I also came to clearly realize that evil was destroying people. I shouldn't be taken in by them anymore. I must cultivate myself well, send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil in my own dimensional field, and save more people.

I set up a cultivation plan with my mother: We'd study the Fa and do the exercises at least 20 minutes each and every night; my mother would read good articles published on the Minghui website for me; during the day, as long as I had time, whether I was in class or out of class or walking, I'd send forth righteous thoughts; I also recited two poems from Hong Yin every day.

Miracles happened in the first week that I resumed Fa study and the exercises. Falun Dafa is truly miraculous. As long as one studies the Fa or does the exercise even a little bit, miracles just keep happening.

Here I will briefly describe two miraculous incidents: One is that I made use of after-class time to talk to a classmate about the fact that the self-immolation incident recounted in our textbook was staged. He responded, "No, it's true. If one wants to achieve consummation, one has to go to Tiananmen Square to burn oneself, otherwise it won't happen." He wouldn't believe me. Soon he went to the washroom. His ear was itching him and he started scratching it until it bled. Another classmate asked me to get him some bathroom tissues to wipe up the blood, then he had to ask me to get even more tissue. When he mentioned that the classmate I had been speaking to was really bleeding, I said I'd go help him. I just used my hand to wipe up the blood, and he stopped bleeding. The traces of blood beside his ears disappeared as well. My classmates said, "It's truly miraculous. From now on, we'll listen to whatever you say." After that, I returned to my seat. After I came home, I told my mother about it, and she said, "It is truly a great opportunity for you to clarify the truth and help them withdraw from the CCP organizations. All of them could quit. You could also have told them that, because that one classmate said negative things about Falun Gong, he bled." Too bad I missed this great opportunity.

One night at 7:30, when I was studying, I felt a bit tired, so I put down my head on the desk to take a nap and fell asleep. At that time, I saw a huge classroom. There was nobody there except for a caretaker who was sweeping the floor. He said to me, "Everyone has gone. They returned to the heavens. What are you doing here? Why didn't you hurry up?" I said, "I didn't get anything telling me that I should go back. I'll wait here a little longer." While I was waiting, I was listening to music. The old man said to me, "Are you still listening to pop? You are deluded by so much in ordinary society. Hurry up and go, go back to heaven, otherwise it will be too late." Right then, I woke up. I thought that it was Teacher enlightening me. I took a look at my clock and saw that only three minutes had passed; however, I felt as if I had slept for more than an hour. Right then, my classmate who was sharing the same desk with me said, "How come I felt so sleepy suddenly? I slept for only three minutes, but it felt as if two hours had passed." I understood that his feeling was a result of my dream.

I wrote this article because I hope other young practitioners will not stop their cultivation like I did and cause regrets for themselves. Heaven is watching what we do and what we say at all times. We must do well and not disappoint Teacher or our heavenly kin.