(Clearwisdom.net) Li Fenglin, the deputy chief of the Yushu City Politics and Law Committee, is around 50 years old. He also headed up the local 610 Office. Below are incidents he caused:

Leading Zhen Shengli and several others from the 610 Office, Li Fenglin and the group went to the Yushu City Credit Cooperative and illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioners Li Hongbo and Jiang Ping. They were taken to Xinglongshan brainwashing center in Changchun on July 30, 2002 where they were coerced to renounce their beliefs. At the end of the brainwashing session, both said they would continue to practice Falun Gong. Thus, Li Fenglin made several phone calls to the credit coop and told them to fire both of the practitioners. The credit coop fired Jiang Ping in the fall of 2002 and Li Hongbo in September 2004.

Li Fenglin conspired with several officials at the Yushu City Women and Children's Hospital and arrested Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Chen Shujie, a gynecologist visiting outpatient homes in Gongpeng Town, Yushu City. They sent her to Xinglongshan brainwashing center in Changchun. She staged a hunger strike until she was at the brink of death. Her family strongly protested. Li Fenglin told the brainwashing facility officials to release her, fearing responsibility for her death. After Ms. Chen returned home, Li Fenglin told her employer, the hospital, to force her to write a guarantee statement, or she would be forbidden to work. She refused to renounce her beliefs and thus lost her job. Thereafter, she had to work odd jobs while living in exile.

Local practitioners wrote many letters to Li Fenglin and some spoke with him face-to-face. Following exposure of several of his illegal actions on the Minghui website and in various public locations, he lessened the persecution for a while. However, orders from his superiors in 2009 led him to arrest these Falun Gong practitioners: local tax bureau official Liu Fengming, Wenmin Village Elementary School teacher Zhang Zhenying in Sihe Town and Zhang Xiujuan, a teacher from the Yushu No. 4 Elementary School. The arrests occurred on June 29 and June 30, 2009.

Since late May 2010, Li Fenglin has held four brainwashing sessions at the Xiuse Mountain Resort where ten people and four collaborators helped persecute the practitioners. Ten practitioners were arrested, physically tortured and mentally tormented. The officials first used various deceptions to confuse the practitioners. They sent street party officials and police officers to practitioners' homes to do "psychological work" on them and told them to work with the officials, saying, "You'll receive 100 yuan for each day you stay at the brainwashing facility, and your family can stay with you. You'll return in a few days. How nice it is that we'll pay for all of your food and accommodations!" When the practitioners refused, the persecutors did a 360-degree turn, beating and arresting the practitioners.

Ms. Li Yanhui refused to go with the police. Officer Li Wei from the Bahao Township Police Station slapped Ms. Li across her face six times in the police car and kept swearing and threatening her. When Ms. Li tried to explain that a good person should not be subjected to such treatment, the driver said, "These Falun Gong people should be raped."

Li Fenglin not only attacked Falun Gong but also said, "One sentence from me will send you to a labor camp; do you believe that?"

The truth is, the 610 Office, operating above the law, can file false charges against anyone. If the practitioners refuse to give up at one brainwashing center, they will be sent to another.

During the first session, the 610 Office brought collaborators Wang Xuepin, his wife Xie Qinglin and Li Yanbo to attack Falun Gong. The officials also recorded their slanderous words and broadcast them in Yushu Park. During the second session, the three collaborators brought Jiang Yuhua from Xiabaotun, Fuan Township, who lost his conscience and began attacking Falun Gong after being in a labor camp. Practitioners who were held during this session include Mu Guirong, Zhang Shixun, Li Guochen, Jin Guofang, Geng Hongyuan, Geng Shuping, Chen Yaohui, Zhao Shuxian, Ji Guohua, Li Yanhui, and a few others. Li Fenglin ordered township government officials to have one person monitor every practitioner; sometimes it's family member, and sometimes it's Party officials, security officials or the Women's Affairs Committee head.

Officials from the police department and the Domestic Security Division broke into practitioners' homes in the early morning on July 11, 2010 and arrested them. Those arrested include Ma Lingxi, Shan Zhenshuang, Dong Xianchang, Yang Fuzhen, Yang Furong, Wang Shufen, Deng Fu, Xu Lianjun, and Fu Xueze from Xinli Town; Zhang Jun and his wife Zhu Liru, Yu Shuqing and Xu Xiuhui from Wukeshu Town; Sun Ping and Xu Jingchao from Heilin Town; Liu Qingjie from Xiejia Township, Zhang Shuyun from Guangming Township, among others.

The fourth session was held after the police and officials from Domestic Security Division arrested a group of practitioners and again took them to the Xiuse Mountain Resort, on August 30 and August 31, 2010. The practitioners include Sun Zhongzhi and Wang Puyun from Xiejia Township; Jiang Yuzhi, Jiang Yulan and Wang Guifang from Yumin Township; Jiang Yongdong from Heilin Town; Zhang Fengjun from Liujia Town; Zhang Junchao, Chen Wenbin, Tan Shuyan, Zhang Huabin, and Yang Deyun from Qingshan Township, among others. A total of 49 practitioners were arrested during the fourth session, and 610 Office head Li Fenglin personally oversaw the operation, which is part of his many crimes.

Li Fenglin: 86-431-83800003, 86-431-83630197 (home), 86-13756234979 (cell)