(Clearwidom.net) Several days ago and seemingly by coincidence, I met Practitioner A, who is a coordinator. I asked if she knew Practitioner B, who had organized a group Fa study. At this study group, practitioners read a few paragraphs of Zhuan Falun together, then stopped to share their understandings before continuing to study a few more paragraphs. They alternated between reading and sharing. Practitioner B felt that this method of studying the Fa was very effective and has utilized this method for over a year. After sharing with Practitioner A, we recognized that Practitioner B's method of studying the Fa was not in accordance with the principles of the Fa. This also affected other practitioners. We therefore thought of asking a practitioner who has a clear understanding of the Fa principles to share with Practitioner B.

Practitioner A said she did not know Practitioner B. We shared that this kind of thing was adding things into the Fa and changing what Master wants. We should just stick to studying the Fa. Following this topic, Practitioner A talked about group study during the day. She felt that sending righteous thoughts at every hour was adding things to the Fa. She also felt that sending righteous thoughts in a relay was adding things into the Fa, and distributing Dafa brochures in certain areas was also not in accordance with the Fa, because Master told us to walk a path without form.

I thought Practitioner A's understandings on sending righteous thoughts and distributing brochures were misinterpreting the Fa, and I got into an argument with her. Because I did not have a pure state of mind, Practitioner A could not accept what I said. She insisted that she was right. Our argument got more and more intense. I got so angry that I started to shake. I pointed out that Practitioner A was trying to get other practitioners to follow her and not the Fa. In the end, we parted unhappily.

After Practitioner A left, I started to look within myself. Why was I so angry? How could I be so rude to an elderly practitioner? I discovered my attachment to being competitive as well as some evil things instilled by the Party culture. However, I felt that these were just superficial things and that I had not found my fundamental attachment.

This morning after doing the exercises, I thought of the incident again. I asked myself, "Why did I get so angry?" Suddenly the answer appeared in my mind: "Because she did not listen to what I said." I suddenly understood. Yes, that was the fundamental reason for my anger. I dug further and discovered that I was validating and defending myself, not the Fa. Hence I got into an argument with someone else and behaved viciously.

If I was validating the Fa, when I had different understandings with a practitioner, I should have a forbearing heart. The Fa is very profound. How can I use my understanding to judge and restrict other practitioners' understandings? If I see inadequacies in a practitioner's understanding, I should have a compassionate heart, because, for that practitioner, an inadequate understanding can only bring her losses. Thus how can I be angry?

Actually, Master let me see the problems between Practitioner A and Practitioner B in order to help me understand that I have the same problems, too. That is, I also wanted practitioners to follow me instead of helping them mature in their understandings of the Fa and assimilate to the Fa.

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