(Clearwisdom.net) More than twenty Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally heldin detention centers in Shenzhen. Some of the practitioners have been sentenced to imprisonment and transferred to other places, and some practitioners' whereabouts are unknown. The following are the current situations of these practitioners.

Ms. Chen Yiping was sentenced to seven years of prison and has been detained in the Guangzhou Women's Prison since April 12, 2010. Ms. Chen appealed her case to an intermediate court and then a high court. Ms. Chen was previously a prison guard when she was at her hometown in Hubei Province. She lost her job because of the persecution and had to leave home to work part time. Her family did not visit her in the prison because they believed in the Chinese Communist Party's lies and were afraid of being implicated. When Ms. Chen was in the detention center, the living condition was very poor, she did not have much sleep every day and became very thin. While in prison, the prison guards subjected her to torture.

Ms. Deng Hui was subjected to a three-year prison term and sent to the Guangzhou Women's Prison on July 9, 2010. She was beaten and shoved for resisting the persecution.

Ms. Wu Shejun and Ms. Peng Xiuli were each subjected to one and a half years of forced labor. They were sent to the Sanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp in August 2009.

Ms. Xu Jianying was sentenced to two years in prison, and Ms. Zou Xiuyu to three years. They were covertly tried on November 23, 2009. All their family members came to court that day, but the judge ordered the court police to force them all out of the courtroom as the hearing began. The two practitioners kept shouting loudly "Falun Dafa is good!" After unsuccessful attempts to stop them, the judge eventually followed the practitioners in saying, "Falun Dafa is good!" The practitioners stated in their defense, "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa, the Buddha Fa! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are the principles of the universe, which encompass everything! Whoever undermines Dafa and persecutes Dafa practitioners are real criminals, and they will be held accountable for all that they do! We demand all illegally detained Dafa practitioners to be released and immediately stop the persecution!" The judge and the jurors all lowered their heads while reading from their prepared written verdicts without waiting for the practitioners to finish their defense. The trial ended in less than 30 minutes.

Ms. Huang Xiaojie was sentenced to one and a half years of imprisonment, Ms. Yuan Xinying to three years. Han Yiming, Jiang Shanliang and Tong Lin are currently still in the Bao'an Detention Center.

Li Yingkun was sentenced to two years in prison, and is in the Shaoguan Prison.

Mr. Zhang Lizhong was arrested in May 2010 by the Shenzhen and Xinjiang police. He was held in the Futian Detention Center. His personal property was confiscated. He is currently in the Xinjiang Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Liang Yuhua was sentenced to seven years in prison, and is currently in the Futian Detention Center.

Wu Yanduo was arrested for talking to people about Falun Gong and is in the Nanshan Detention Center, current circumstances are unknown.

Rao Fang, Liu Yantao and Liu Bitao, all members of one family, were arrested in January 2010. They are in the Longgang Detention Center. Their current circumstances are unknown.

Mr. Liu Xifeng from Nanshan District was a teacher at the Nantou High School. He has been illegally detained in Sihui Prison for nearly ten years. The abuse and torture rendered him physically disabled. He is now in the Xili Brainwashing Center in Shenzhen City. Mr. Liu's wife Ms. Wang Xiaodong, a teacher at the Nanshan District Foreign Language School, died as a result of the persecution at the Nanshan District Detention Center. Their young son has been sent to the Shenzhen City Orphanage.

Mr. Mo Yonglin was arrested on September 23, 2009 with no current information available. Ms. Zhang Hui was arrested in Luohu and her current whereabouts unknown.