(Clearwisdom.net) Coordination is not a job, it is cultivation. Coordination is not to cultivate or manage others or tell them how to act. We should steadfastly cultivate ourselves and actually do whatever we are required to do.

Coordination is not to validate our own abilities, but to validate the Fa. The process of coordination is constantly cultivating ourselves and assimilating to the Fa, so that we are able to exhibit the principles of the Fa, and the divine power and strengthening of our one body.

Coordination required by the Fa is disciples reaching the required level, and to proactively work with others and unconditionally be receptive to their coordination.

Coordination is the responsibility of enlightened Dafa disciples. We should always treat the Fa as our teacher, placing it first before everything with the thought of what Master requires, always thinking of sentient beings, fellow practitioners, and our one body.

Coordination is a realm without any selfishness, with Dafa disciples forming one body with the thought that other practitioners' things are our things. We should help practitioners to improve, overcome tribulations, walk righteously on their cultivation path, so as to save more sentient beings.

Coordination means when we see deficiencies or inappropriateness "You should quietly take whatever it is that you feel is lacking and do it well. That is in fact how a Dafa disciple should handle it." ("Be More Diligent")

Coordination means that when persecution occurs, a Dafa disciple's indestructible righteous thoughts come from the Fa, forming one body to disintegrate the evil, so as to strengthen our efforts in coordination.

Coordination means that in the face of misunderstandings and feeling wronged by angry words, with our forbearance and mighty virtue, we can assimilate all things with compassion.

Coordination means that when we encounter heart-wrenching conflicts, that we unconditionally look inward, genuinely practice cultivation with a vigorous mindset and never be disheartened.