(Clearwisdom.net) The Seventh Internet Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China is currently calling for papers. From conversations with other practitioners, I learned that most of them cherish the memories of group studies, group exercises, and experience sharing conferences held before July 20, 1999. After that, the environment conducive to these activities did not exist anymore. However, because of "the great way without form," overseas practitioners were able to create a virtual environment where Chinese practitioners could still share cultivation experiences. We practice the exercises together every day and have an experience sharing conference every year. That is, Chinese practitioners are still studying the Fa and practicing the exercises together. From this point of view, the cultivation environment that Master created for the practitioners is still there. The only issue left for us to work on is to cherish the time and the chance that Master left for us, and to be determined and steadfast practitioners.

Many practitioners saw that when meetings were held in the heavens, golden dragons and phoenixes were happily flying around. The heavenly music was playing beautifully and fairies were spreading flowers with colorful clouds floating around. The situation was so beautiful that it is beyond description. I think that the situation should be the same when Falun Dafa disciples are holding experience sharing conferences. My personal understanding about the experience sharing conference is that attending such a conference is a process for us to form one body and strive forward diligently together. It is also a chance for us to review our cultivation path. If we did something good, we can share it with fellow practitioners and move forward together. If something needs to be improved, we should adapt to the Fa, correct it right away and catch up with the progress of Fa rectification.

I remember the story in one article, which said that when a group of practitioners was about to come down to the human world, Master gave them many miraculous pens. The top of each pen was decorated with different colors and symbols. The story implied that we would use these pens to validate the Fa in the human world--this is our mission.

With the wisdom that Dafa gave us, many miracles have occurred for many practitioners. Some practitioners who originally could not read were able to read the entire Zhuan Falun within a short period of time. Some practitioners became experts in certain skills after a short learning period. Many practitioners who used to be farmers without any technical knowledge are now able to operate computers skillfully. These are the numerous miracles that Dafa has given us. The wonderfulness of Dafa is beyond words.

Fellow practitioners, pick up your pens and use the wisdom that Dafa gave you to write down your cultivation experiences. The sentient beings in your world are waiting for you to attend the Seventh Internet Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China. Your seat should not be kept unoccupied.