(Clearwisdom.net) My son was born into a family of Falun Gong practitioners. Due to various reasons, while in my arms, he would participate in various activities, such as group Fa study, sending righteous thoughts, watching Master's videotaped lectures, distributing Falun Dafa materials, and clarifying the truth face to face.

When my son was two years old, he frequently told me that he could see the Falun spinning. Later he once told me that Master used supernormal power to melt away the jelly bean that he had stuffed into his own nose.

After my son started to go to kindergarten, I played the music "Pudu", "Jishi", and songs written by Falun Gong practitioners for him. I at times also let him listen to Master's lectures with an MP3 player. I did not spoil him. The most that I have given him were principles about how to be a better person that I had enlightened to since practicing Dafa.

After he started primary school, I set up a cultivation plan for him. The first thing that he did when he came home from school was to listen to Master's lectures. He would practice the exercises before he went to sleep. I remembered that when he first started to practice the second set of exercises, he was so uncomfortable that he kept crying. Later I saw that he could not withstand it, so I said, "If you really can not go on, give up." But to my surprise, he said, "I must persevere for 30 minutes." In the end he finished the entire second set of exercises. At that time, he was only six years old. Thereafter I taught him the fifth set of exercises. The first time, he persisted for 30 minutes. As the frequency of practice increased, I saw that he could do the exercises with ease. Thus I requested that he try to increase the time he sat. In the end, he could meditate for an entire hour.

My son would never hit anyone or say unkind words. He often said that he did not want to give his virtue to another person. When I was sending righteous thoughts, on many occasions, he also took part. He knew that sending righteous thoughts could eliminate the evil. Sometimes when we went shopping and we saw pictures of the CCP and the blood red flag, he would write the word "eliminate" and said that this is to eliminate the evil behind them.

There was one time when my wife was tugging at her leg and saying, "This sickness karma in my leg did not go away." My son heard her and said, "Mom, I know the reason. It is mainly because when you meet with problems, you frequently want to blame others." I overhead him and thought that this was right!

Master said,

"Indeed, human society is one big dye vat. Society is contesting with Dafa disciples for people. And this even applies to Dafa disciples' kids, who live in this setting too: bad things are trying to drag them down. If the child does not cultivate, or doesn't have a good environment, then he really won't be able to ward those things off. Yet a Dafa disciple's responsibilities are enormous, and so we must not only save the world's people but also those close to us." ("Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference, Questions & Answers - Part 1 of 2")

I thought, while we save sentient beings, we should not forget the relatives around us. They have great predestined relationships with us!