(Clearwisdom.net) I was pleasantly surprised by the news that Shen Yun will be performing in Hong Kong January 27-31, 2010. However, I regretted that I would be unable to participate in promoting the show or selling tickets.

My sincere wish is that the show will be successful and save many sentient beings. In the meantime, I have decided to focus on eliminating all evil factors and black hands that might try to interfere with the performances in Hong Kong when I am sending righteous thoughts.

Yesterday, I read on the website that three Shen Yun Performing Arts companies will put on 400 shows throughout the season. Calculated roughly, each group will perform just over 130 shows. On average, they will have one show every 2.7 days. It is obvious that the practitioners participating in Shen Yun are fulfilling their historic mission of saving sentient beings with full force.

During the tours, the performers have to overcome different obstacles. Through their beautiful and perfect performances, many sentient beings have been awakened and saved. As a practitioner in China, I am very proud and deeply touched by their efforts.

Dafa practitioners are one solid body. Although we cannot directly participate in the shows, we can support them by sending righteous thoughts and eliminating any interference or obstacles in other dimensions, so the performances will run smoothly.

Therefore, I suggest that all practitioners support the Shen Yun performances in Hong Kong when sending righteous thoughts at the set times globally. We can expand the field to eliminate all evil factors that try to interfere with the show in Hong Kong.