(Clearwisdom.net) On December 8, 2009, officers from the 610 Office of Huludao City, the Huludao City Police Department, the Lianshan District Police Department, the Longgang District Police Department, and the Shuangshu Township Police Station conducted a series of nighttime raids and arrested eight Falun Dafa practitioners.

At approximately 7:00 p.m., Chief Wang Jie and over a dozen officers from the Longgang police station arrived in three cars at the home of Dafa practitioner Ms. Gong Changlan. The officers (including several assistants, one of whom had a police number of 954 427) barged into Ms. Gong's home and arrested Ms. Gong and her husband. A tall assistant hit Ms. Gong's husband in the right eye. The police took away approximately 50,000 yuan, a laptop computer, three portable CD players and a number of other items from the home. Ms. Gong's husband escaped from a detention center the following afternoon.

Approximately an hour later on the evening of December 8, two additional raids took place. First, police raided the home of Ms. Wang Lijuan, a Dafa practitioner from Lianshan District in Huludao. Ms. Wang and another practitioner named Niu were arrested. Then, the chief of the Shuangshu Police Station in the Longgang district, along with more than 20 police officers, raided the home of Ms. An Yanling. They arrested Ms. An and her father-in-law Mr. Shi Yupu. They also arrested two other practitioners, Ms. Chen Zhonglan and another practitioner named An, who was released and brought home by relatives at 2:00 a.m. after showing symptoms of illness.

Telephone numbers of Longgang District Police Department of Huludao City:
Wang Jie, Director: 86-13998995111 (Cell)
Zhang Wenxian, Political Commissar: 86-429-3172002 (Office), 86-429-2138363 (Home), 86-13804292686 (Cell)
Zhao Shujun, Deputy Director: 86-429-3172004 (Office), 86-429-3906111 (Home), 86-13909899889 (Cell)
Zhang Xiaoyan, Deputy Director: 86-429-3172005 (Office), 86-429-3113789 (Home), 86-13804296789 (Cell)

Telephone numbers of the 610 Office members of Longgang District in Huludao:
Wang Baojun: 86-429-2095655 (Office), 86-13942908130 (Cell)