(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I encountered conflicts with my family when I told them about Dafa. I suddenly realized that my faith in Dafa was not solid. I did not apply everything that Master had said in my daily life. I could not look at everything from the perspective of a god.

My mother had a bad temper. When I read the Fa, sometimes I told her about spirit possession and the evil communist party. My mother did not like that and sometimes she made bad remarks. I knew that this was due to the bad substances in her field. Sometimes she could accept some aspects of the truth. She had joined the militia in her youth, but later she denounced her association with this group and other communist groups. However, she was not stable and changed her mind quite often. During our family Fa study with Father, I would get nervous whenever I read certain "sensitive" words. I feared that she might hear me and say something bad about Dafa. My humble attitude did not earn me any respect from my mother and she was still upset. For a long time, I was overcome with fear that I might offend my mother and always felt like a sneaky thief.

Master's Fa is the most righteous principle in the universe. Dafa practitioners' cultivation deserves respect and dignity. What was I doing? Reading Dafa books with this kind of mentality is disrespectful to Master and the Fa. Cultivation is to rectify everything. Master teaches us about "True Body, True Spirit, and Thought." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003") In my mind, I did not fully trust my ability bestowed upon me by Master. I did not fully believe that the Fa could rectify people's minds and correct all abnormalities in the environment. I overestimated others' abilities and underestimated my own. When I had fear, wasn't I asking for bad consequences? I was tolerating my mother's negative behavior. A passive reaction is not compassion. Real compassion would be helping her to rectify her thinking and behavior.

After my realization, I rectified myself. When I read "sensitive" parts of the Fa, I raised my voice and made sure she heard the lectures. With the Fa's power and my righteous faith, my powerful voice frightened the evil elements behind her, cleared her space, and influenced her with positive thoughts. I scrutinized my own thoughts, eliminating any doubts in my mind. I was convinced that I could wake her up and destroy all the evil factors surrounding her.

After some time, Mother gradually changed her temper and became nicer. In the past, when someone said hello to her on the street, she didn't like it. At home, she complained to me how others wasted her time on small talk. Her relationship with our relatives was tense. Now she takes the initiative to mend the damage and has stopped cursing. In a dream, Mother saw two pythons escape from our home, and she also saw many people chasing my sister in another dream. My sister also had negative thoughts about Dafa. I told my mother that was due to their karma, and that she should take action to expel the pathogenic qi.

Even though my environment drastically improved, I could still see my loopholes. When I read the Fa, I could not maintain a sacred feeling. I still tried to judge which parts people thought reasonable and which parts they would find hard to accept. When my heart was not pure, I had a competitive mentality when reading the Fa to family members. When they showed some promise, I felt overjoyed. All those were distractions that led to attachments. Unknowingly, I lowered myself to an every person's level. Now when I read the Fa, I remind myself to frighten the evil elements in my environment with my voice and my power: "All evil substances will be eliminated. My righteous thoughts will illuminate everywhere and destroy the evil." When I read the Fa with a pure mind, I feel rapid improvements.

When I began to practice Falun Gong, I thought Master was teaching us to become better people. After more than ten years of cultivation, I now realize much more. Master teaches us to improve our morality, but the purpose is to elevate our standard to that of a divine being. Master teaches us to become a divine being. His teachings are full of miracles and he has given us everything. No matter which level of cultivation we reach, we can attain the wisdom and capability of that level. We should establish our own mighty virtue during Fa rectification. As long as we trust every word Master says, trust Dafa's mighty power, and have faith in ourselves, we can attain higher realms and reach enlightenment.

Written on December 23, 2009