Dear Respected Master

Dear Practitioners

After living for 20 years in the French Antilles, I came back to Nice in the South of France more than a year ago. When I arrived, I was the only practitioner in the region and I only had a few flyers, the book Zhuan Falun, the exercise music and the tapes of the 9-day lecture series.

I made copies of the few flyers I had and started to distribute them while clarifying the truth. Truth clarification was quite hard at the beginning. I was alone, I understood that it all depended on me, on my looking inside and making progress. I had to let go of my attachments that slowed me down and prevented me from clarifying the truth to save more people. I had to put aside my fears. Master has always been present and I had to be trustful. At moments I did not have much energy, and various forms of interference made me postpone things I could have done straight away. At that time, I did not find time, nor a moment to address these issues, and days went by. I kept reading the Fa every day and the more I read, the more I realized the unique mission that I had. I had to save people, so I refused and negated the interference.

By remaining in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance every day new doors would open. I got help from people who lent me their copy machine, offered lodging and a job to make a living. I was able to make hundreds and hundreds of copies. I started to dispatch them in small shops and distribute them around. Also, I would go everywhere there were major festivals with big crowds, flea markets, big markets. Most people were stunned by the information and would take the time to listen. They often offered to sign the petition to show their support for Falun Gong. Then I would think of what Master said.

"As the evil's factors in other dimensions continue to be destroyed in large quantities, the world's people are becoming more clearheaded. And with the reduction of those bad factors that control people's thoughts, the world's people are now able to think soberly about this persecution and Dafa disciples. In reality, though, how the world's people regard us is not critical or even important. What's most important is doing our own things well. We haven't paid attention to what attitude people have as we're subjected to persecution, and we haven't placed our hopes in ordinary people doing something for Dafa; nor have we given up on saving the world's people or sentient beings. Saving people is something that only Dafa disciples can do--it is a monumental responsibility." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference")

Then I realized that I must start a practice site in Nice. Thanks to a website, I was able to launch a practice site on the beach. Dozens of people came, and more continue to come. Because at that time I was still alone in the city, I made two boards and planned to become a "sandwich lady". Therefore it would be obvious, people would see in front of their eyes images and text about the persecution. The more I realized the effect that the boards would have, the more I could feel the power of Dafa, of Master, of his immense compassion and of Dafa practitioners in China. When the boards were ready, I went out to clarify the truth. When I arrived at the tramway station, people started to ask questions. Afterwards, truth clarification, signature collection, distribution of flyers, everything went very fast. Through this occasion I clarified the truth to the police; they also took flyers and wished me good luck. I did not feel the cold, I felt very light, my heart was filled with gratitude for Master.

Then I planned to take care of an information stand. Then, I sent to the mayor a complete file about Falun Gong and asked for an authorization to set up an information stand in Nice. However, the places I asked for were all refused. I understood this was to discourage me. Time was passing by, so I got involved in other activities. I went to clarify the truth to members of Parliament by bringing them Falun Gong files and NTDTV programs. It was a hardship for me, because I often met MPs that did not want or did not dare to get involved. The answer was always the same. They said, "It is a sensitive case, we will call you back." To this day, I still have not got any answer, although I called back.

Then one day, I received a call from the person at the town hall that dealt with information stands in the city. He had read the Falun Gong file. By phone I clarified the truth to him, and he advised me to ask for an authorization because it was very important to inform people. He gave me ideas of places in Nice to get an authorization in order to talk about the practice, most of all. This is what I did and I thanked him. Because of his help, the information stand has been set up in the city. There were four of us and the folded paper lotus flower workshop attracted many children that day.

I am a press correspondent. I write articles for French version of The Epoch Times, La Grande Ėpoque, I conduct a lot of interviews, which allows me to promote the newspaper, clarify the truth and talk about the genocide in China. People who are well known and others often listen with much attention and most do not understand why the major media do not talk more about it.

Sometimes I notice some mistrust from people when I start to clarify the truth, then I understand that I must be very careful with what I say and not say too much, and not mention politics. And I must send strong righteous thoughts and remain righteous within. I also take part in the NTDTV team, and now the news can be watched on the Internet. There are so many people to save and we do not have much time left. The words of Master's in "Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference" soothe me on my cultivation way.

I thank Master for placing me in the Fa. I cannot find words to express all my gratitude.

Thank you Master.

Thank you dear practitioners.