(Clearwisdom.net) Hearing reports one after the other about the courts of Spain and Argentina judging that the persecution of Falun Gong by high officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was a crime, fellow practitioners were encouraged and excited, feeling that this was good news that helps clarify the truth and saves people. I also felt that time for saving people was running out. At night while practicing Falun Gong exercises, two verses came to my mind that grew to a ten-line poem. On the following day, I made some modifications and sent it to the website run by Dafa practitioners.

The next day when I did not see the poem on the website, I immediately looked within myself, finding that I had attachments to showing-off and self-validation: I had feelings of happiness and satisfaction after sending out the poem, imagining how fellow practitioners would praise it--what an impure mind!

I had never written a poem before, but it wasn't difficult to write it first time around and I was pretty happy about it--It was the wisdom that Dafa gave me for validating the Fa, not for validating myself. It isn't important whether my poem was good or not; what is important is that my human notions that were added to it negatively affected the editors who read it. I really appreciate the editors for helping me find my unclean mind so that I could get rid of it in time.

As I dug deeper within myself, I found that the poem itself was not written based on the Fa because it was full of enjoyment and celebration; it was like celebrating a victory after fighting a battle. As Teacher said many times, the process of clarifying the truth is more important than the result, for the result is inevitable. Teacher also told us that the downfall of the evil CCP is not our goal, exposing the persecution to enable the world's people to understand the evil nature of the CCP so that they can be saved is our actual goal. Teacher says an Arhat is supposed to be free of attachments, whereas the news made me happy and my subconscious mind still buries my goal of punishing prime suspects for persecuting Falun Gong--this shouldn't be the mentality of a Dafa practitioner. It is totally incompatible with the Fa. This kind of poem is not suitable for the pure and sacred website serving Dafa.

A short time ago a colleague of mine came by to visit. Previously my family and I had clarified the truth to her and she withdrew from the CCP and was agreeable to what we said. When I told her about the international arrest warrant for Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan, she rebutted strongly as if we had issued the warrant. As her abnormal behavior surprised us all, I looked within myself, finding that my attachment of complacency hadn't been completely eliminated, that I didn't take everyday people's state of mind and ability of acceptance into consideration, and that the way of truth-clarification wasn't properly connected, so that evil took advantage of my attachment of complacency, and I ended up not getting the result that I should have, and actually pushed her further away.

Two days later, another colleague came to visit me. I had clarified the truth about Dafa to her before, and her acceptance was good as she followed me in doing some Falun Gong exercises, but she seemed more emotionally inclined toward the CCP and refused to quit the Party. She was quite amazed when I told her about the international warrants for the arrest of Jiang and Luo. Even though she still was not ready to quit the CCP, she seemed to be deeply moved by the news. Before leaving she asked for a Shen Yun VCD that she didn't get last time, and thanked me for the information.

The reactions of my two colleagues weren't normal: One who was considered to be more acceptable to the truth, ended up being strongly against the judgment, whereas the other person, who I thought was just the opposite, turned out to be accepting and thankful for the information. The incidents were worth deep reflection. Why was there such a big difference between the two? It must be our xinxing problem that we didn't realize.

Two days later, after reading a fellow practitioner's article in Minghui Weekly, I came to realize that we depend too much on what happens in human society.

Saving people depends on Dafa. Saving people depends on compassion and righteous thoughts coming out of Dafa disciples' cultivating Dafa. Any change in human society that is beneficial in validating the Fa could be utilized as a supplement. If we thought that hearing about the arrest warrants for Jiang and Luo would automatically lead people to to quit the CCP, it would be like depending on changes in human society to save people. With this kind of human notion and the attachment of complacency, how could we save people? It is no wonder why the one who had already accepted the truth became so upset!

Having eliminated our own human attachments after finding them, and having our words and deeds corrected based on the Fa, people who had a hard time accepting the truth understood the facts without any difficulty.

The incidents mentioned above enabled me to further understand that what's taking place around us was made possible by our own minds. This further fortified my belief in what Teacher said,

"With such an enormous Fa here, the Fa will be with you when your thoughts are righteous, and this is the greatest assurance." ("Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan", March 26, 2006)

Let us keep our righteous thoughts on the Fa at all times to save more people with more efficient ways to fulfill our prehistoric promises.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind some privileged fellow practitioners to write your cultivation experiences. The process of writing is also the process of cultivation. Whether your article is published or not isn't of prime importance--the main thing is to raise your xinxing level. Writing the article benefits one's cultivation, while publishing it benefits others'. Our shortcomings can be exposed while doing the three things so that we may elevate faster. Teacher has been waiting for us to mature faster--we should not fail to live up to Teacher's compassionate salvation and expectation.