(Clearwisdom.net) Police officers from Jiamusi City arrested fifteen Falun Gong practitioners in September 2009 and extorted money from them. Most of the practitioners have been released, except for Ms. Song Jingjuan, Ms. Ding Qian and another practitioner.

On the morning of September 19, 2009, a dozen officers from the Jiamusi City Public Security Bureau, Qianjin branch of the Public Security Bureau, and Nangang Police Station broke into a practitioner's home. Fifteen practitioners were arrested while they were studying Falun Gong books. The practitioners arrested included Song Jingjuan, Sun Yufu, Wang Yuxin, Chuang Jing, Liu Guiqin, Wang Jinxia, Wen Ying, Zhang Chunying, Zhang Qingyu and Ding Qian.

During the arrest, police officer Liu Jinshan severely beat Sun Yufun and Chuang Jing, causing serious injuries. All of the practitioners were then taken to the Nangang Police Station.

Four elderly practitioners were held until the late hours. They were released only after being forced to pay 1000-2000 yuan each.

That same night, Sun Yufu was sent to a detention center, but was released when the police realized that his life was in danger.

The remaining practitioners were transferred to the Jiamusi Detention Center. After a month or so, they were sentenced to a forced labor camp for one to two years each. A few days later, Chang Jing and Wang Yuxin were returned home when the labor camp refused to accept them due to their poor health.

After being held for two months, Zhang Qingyu, Liu Guiqin, Wen Ying, Zhang Chunying and Wang Jinxia were released with the help of others. Their families were forced to pay varying amounts of money to the police, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of yuan.

Song Jingjuan, Ding Qian and another practitioner are still being held, and have been transferred to the Harbin Women's Drug Rehabilitation Center.

People responsible for persecution:

Li Wensheng, instructor, Nangang Police Station
Zheng Chengyan, head of Nangang Police Station
Liu Jinshan, deputy head of Nangang Police Station
Chen Wanyou, from the Jiamusi City Public Security Bureau
Li Xinbo, from the Forced Labor Camp Commission