(Clearwisdom.net) During the Christmas and New Year holiday season, despite heavy snow, practitioners from our area staffed many ticket booths. Every day, we overcame the cold weather, dangerous driving conditions, and long distances to save people. As a result, we have sold more tickets compared with the same time last year and the year before. Although the tickets aren't all sold out yet, we are confident that we can do it.

New year, new beginning

On New Year's Day, only one shopping center with a ticket booth was open. I went there with two other practitioners. It was a snowy morning, and there were very few cars on the highway. I thought to myself, "If we were not practitioners, how could we have gotten such a good opportunity to assist Master in the Fa-rectification?"

The shopping center did not have large Chinese clientèle. At the shopping center, we sincerely wished everyone a Happy New Year. They smiled back at us. Even Chinese people who didn't want to take our fliers smiled back; some also stopped to hear our promotions. We talked with everyone that passed by, and sold six tickets at $70 each. Those who bought tickets said that it was the best New Year's present.

Just think of saving people

There is a local practitioner in our area who is typically not very talkative. Yet no matter where she was, she was able to sell tickets. One day, she was assigned to a booth with very little traffic. She sold 10 tickets that day. Other practitioners asked her how she did it. She said plainly, "I just think of saving people and the tickets sell."

It seems that the number of tickets sold does not depend on the traffic volume of a place, or how talkative a practitioner is. Instead, what matters is how we treat each and every sentient being.

Social status doesn't matter

We had a ticket booth in an area with a lot of Chinese residents. For several weeks, we didn't sell any tickets there. The coordinator asked me to staff the location. She said if the results remained poor, we would close down the ticket booth.

Because the ticket booth was at the entrance of a supermarket, cold winds blew in whenever the doors were open. The customers here were mostly Indian and African American. There were only a few Mainland Chinese people. I spoke with a few of them but they said they had no money for tickets. Finally, an elderly woman said she could buy two $50 tickets. As I was calling the ticket line to purchase the tickets, she said, "Sorry, I made a mistake. I thought the tickets were $15 each. I can't afford [$50 tickets]." But she did take some fliers and said she would pass it on to her friends who have more disposable income.

Another practitioner who was with me talked to nearly everyone. But they all walked away, saying, "It's too cold. We'll buy tickets at home online."

I was a bit disappointed, and thought maybe we should close the booth. But the other practitioner continued to promote the show. Several people said they would return tomorrow to buy tickets. I told myself that I would return the next day.

Just before we wrapped up for the day, a Chinese couple came by and said they wanted to buy a few $120 tickets. They left their phone number and said they would return the next day. I affirmed with myself again to return the next day. It doesn't matter what social status a person has. We must get rid of our human notions in saving people.

Forming an energy field

At a Chinese restaurant, we had an elderly practitioner staffing the booth. For a long time, no tickets were sold there. The local coordinator decided to go there herself. She spoke with everyone walking by, and created a great energy field. Pretty soon, so many tickets were being sold there that it was too busy for even two practitioners. The coordinator said, "I know this was an encouragement from Master."

We also had a ticket booth in a shopping center frequented by non-Chinese people. At first, our booth was near the entrance to a department store. During Christmas season, our booth was moved upstairs, near a perfume store. Practitioners A and B were staffing the booth. At first, the people coming to buy perfumes didn't even take a look at the fliers. One day, from the early morning to about 2 p.m., they didn't sell any tickets. The practitioners decided to send righteous thoughts in nearby areas.

As Practitioner A was sending forth righteous thoughts, he ran into the manager of the shopping center. Practitioner A chatted with him. The manager complained about the difficulties of the job and the long hours during the Christmas season. The practitioner began telling him about Dafa. The manager decided to learn the exercises. The first time, he had only ten minutes. But as soon as he began doing the exercises, he could feel energy in his hands. As he was doing the first exercise, his spine, which had been injured in the past, began making cracking noises. He felt great afterward and said he would continue learning the next day.

After ten minutes, practitioner A returned to the ticket booth and saw Practitioner B busy selling tickets. They remained busy until 5:55 p.m., just before the mall closed. They sold 26 tickets that afternoon.

The practitioners realized that when they are pure and free of notions, they can create a strong energy field.

When this was written, we still needed to sell over 2,000 tickets for upcoming shows in Hamilton and Mississauga. We only have a dozen days left. Let's work even harder and extend salvation to all those with predestined relationships. I remembered that for the show around the Mid-Autumn Festival, all practitioners stepped forward to promote tickets. Even practitioners who were usually extremely busy found some time to hand out fliers. This increased the ticket sale rate by at least 15%. Practitioners in Houston also had similar experiences. In Houston, one week before the show, they still had half of the tickets left. But as all practitioners became involved in the ticket promotions, they sold nearly all the rest of the tickets.