(Clearwisdom.net) Before the Shen Yun performances in Toronto during the 2009 Mid-Autumn Festival, local practitioners had coordinated with each other to take care of various aspects of the show. A group of senior practitioners went to the ticket selling booths to send forth righteous thoughts. We also would send forth righteous thoughts as a group. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, Master showed me the manifestations of the righteous thoughts in different dimensions and how our cultivation states mirrored the effectiveness of our righteous thoughts. I would like to share what I saw at my current level. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

The first time when we sent forth righteous thoughts as a group, I noticed that it was very dark in the other dimension. When I recited the Fa-rectification formulas, I saw many white demons sitting in a big circle. We kept on sending forth righteous thoughts, but we were not able to eliminate those demons. Almost 30 minutes passed by. I opened my eyes, and found that many practitioners looked tired and were falling asleep while we were sending righteous thoughts. That's the reason why we failed to eliminate those demons.

The second time when we sent forth righteous thoughts, everyone paid attention. After reciting the Fa-rectification formulas, I found that the space in the other dimension grew very big. Evil demons came in a long line, with the smaller ones in the front, followed by bigger and bigger ones. This time however, when we sent the righteous thoughts, Falun's were sent out from every practitioner's palm, directly targeting those evil demons. In less than one minute, all the evil demons were eliminated.

Another time on Sunday, some older practitioners and I sent forth righteous thoughts together. We are all in our 70's. When we held our hands in the lotus hand position, I noticed that our hands in the other dimension looked bigger and more beautiful. They looked like the hands of persons in their 20's. When practitioners had their lotus hands in the right positions, lotus flowers flew out from the fingers and hovered around us.

With only a few days left before the performances, our group got together to send forth righteous thoughts. With my celestial eye, I suddenly noticed a young man standing next to me on the left. I looked at him, and just continued to send forth righteous thoughts without much thought about it. After finishing, I told a practitioner that a young man was looking at us when we sent forth righteous thoughts. She said, "Was he Master?" I suddenly realized, yes, he was our great compassionate Master!

In short, we should really pay attention when sending forth righteous thoughts. The hand positions must be accurate, and cannot be incorrect. We especially, cannot fell asleep when sending forth righteous thoughts. We must be responsible for ourselves.