(Clearwisdom.net) Late at night, Mr. Wang Zhong and his wife from Rongjun Farm in Nenjiang County, Heilongjiang Province are unable to fall asleep after laying there for a long time. They have been working hard at the farm. They want to earn and save as much as they can in order to help their children, who have been unjustly imprisoned.

At the 1998 Mid-Autumn Festival, Mr. Wang Hongbin and Ms Liu Junlu held a simple wedding in his hometown. This was the family's only time together in the past nine years.

Mr. Wang Hongfeng (the younger son) became much kinder and more respectful of his parents after practicing Falun Gong.

Whenever mentioning their children in jail, the elderly couple, Wang Zhong and his wife Ju Shuyin, choke up. Their elder son, Wang Hongbin, has been subjected to forced labor three times and sentenced to 13 years in prison since 2000. He is currently detained at Jinzhou Prison in Liaoning Province. Their daughter-in-law, Liu Junlu, was arrested in 2001 in Dalian City and sentenced to 12 years in prison. When she was detained at Liaoning Province Women's Prison, one of her arms was fractured and disabled due to the beatings. Younger son Wang Hongfeng, was sentenced to nine years in prison and is currently detained at Panjin Prison in Liaoning Province. Their eldest daughter, Wang Hongxia, was sentenced to six years in prison in 2009, and is currently detained at Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison.

Wang Hongbin started practicing Falun Gong in 1996 when he worked at an auto shop in Dalian City. His younger brother began learning it soon after. At that time, Wang Hongbin was 23 and Wang Hongfeng was only 17.

The Elder Son, Wang Hongbin

In late 2009, Mr. Wang Zhong and his wife visited their son Wang Hongbin at the No. 2 Ward of Jinzhou Prison. They hadn't heard from or seen their son for years. Wang Honbin was detained at Jinzhou Prison for two years before his parents were first allowed to visit him there.

During the persecution of Falun Gong, Wang Hongbin has been subjected to forced labor three times and brutally tortured. Soon after he was released from a forced labor camp in July 2001, he was illegally arrested again and put into another labor camp. In October 2002, he imprisoned at Yaojia Detention Center. He was later sentenced to 13 years in jail and detained at Dalian City's Wafangdian Prison. Wang Hongbin refused to give his name during his detention at Yaojia Detention Center and Wafangdian Prison. He was called "Wuming" (no name). His family members attempted visitation at the Wafangdian Prison, but they were turned away.

In late 2007, Wang Hongbin was transferred to Jinzhou Prison in Liaoning Province. He was called "No. 2". There was a female practitioner there who also refused to tell her name. She was called "No. 1". Early in 2009, Wang Hongbin's family members visited Jinzhou Prison, but were turned away.

Wang Hongbin has been brutally tortured during his detention over the past ten years. At Jiusan Detention Center in Nenjiang County, Heilongjiang Province, he was brutally beaten with rubber clubs that injured his internal organs. At Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp, he was put into a solitary confinement cell and hung up by his handcuffed wrists. His skin was covered with scabies due to the terrible environment. Mr. Wang suffered even more severe torture at Wafangdian Prison and Jinzhou Prison.

The long term mistreatment of Wang Hongbin led to serious malnutrition and ischemia. His hematopoietic functions deteriorated, and his life was in danger. After being told that he only had two days to live, he revealed his name during emergency treatment. Currently his life is out of danger.

Mr. Wang's Wife Liu Junlu

Mr. Wang Hongbin's wife, Ms. Liu Junlu, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in August 2001. She was imprisoned in the No. 8 Ward at the Liaoning Province Women's Prison. During a forced brainwashing session, she was brutally beaten, and one of her arms was fractured and disabled. In March 2005, Zuo Xiaoyan (head of the No. 8 Ward) and Jiao Lingling (the No. 2 team leader) ordered more than 20 inmates, including convicted murderers Deng Xiujie and Li Xiujun, to brutally beat Liu Junlu. Her hands were cuffed behind her back for several days and her wrists were severely injured and infected.

Ms. Liu was forced to stand for long hours during the daytime in the workshop. She was stripped at night, and the guards wrote words slandering Falun Gong on her naked body. During the freezing weather, she was dragged to the washroom. Cold water was poured over her body, and she was exposed to the cold air blowing in from the open window. Even after one of her arms was disabled, she was still forced to do hard labor with one arm. Because she was unable to complete the work quota, she suffered even more torture.

The long-term mistreatment caused Ms. Liu to suffer pain and numbness all over her body, especially in her back, legs, and arms. She was often unable to fall asleep at night. Her mother was unable to handle the pressure while her daughter was imprisoned, and passed away. When she was detained in the Liaoning Province Women's Prison, she was not allowed to have family visits. Her mother-in-law, Ju Shuyin, came from far away to see her in September 2009, but she was turned away. Ms. Liu Junlu was recently transferred from the No. 8 Ward to the No. 4 Ward.

Younger Son Wang Hongfeng

In March 2000, Mr. Wang Hongfeng was arrested for practicing the Falun Gong exercises in his own backyard. He was first sent to a brainwashing center, and later was detained at the Jiusan Bureau's Detention Center in Nenjiang County. He was released five days later, after having gone on a hunger strike.

In August 2001, he was arrested at the same time as his sister-in-law. Mr. Wang was sentenced to nine years in prison. He was first detained at the Liaoning No. 2 Prison, and was later transferred to Panjin Prison, where he is currently detained.

Elder Daughter Wang Hongxia

In June 2009, Ms. Wang Hongxia was arrested by Jiusan Bureau police when she was distributing Falun Gong materials. Police from the Jiusan Police Department and Rongju Farm Police Department searched her parents' home. They confiscated a computer, along with printers, CD's, and many personal belongings.

Ms. Wang Hongxia was detained at the Jiusan Bureau Detention Center for six months. She was sentenced to six years in prison, with no notice sent to her family, and without any valid legal procedure. In December 2009, she was sent to the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison.

When Ms. Ju Shuyin went to the prison to visit her daughter, she was told that visitation was not permitted because of the spread of H1N1.

The elderly parents in Wang's family have been going around to different prisons, including Jinzhou Prison, Panjin Prison, Liaoning Province Women's Prison, and Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison to visit their children, who have all been illegally imprisoned.

Responsible personnel:
Yang Li, head of the Liaoning Province Women's Prison: 86-24-89296666 (Office), 86-24-86914173 (Home), 86-13390118299 (Cell)
Fang Gengbao, head of the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison: 86-451-86639099, 86-451-86636066
Zhang Guolin, head of the No. 1 Ward in Panjin Prison: 86-13390270103 (Cell), 86-427-2814022 (Office)

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Written on January 10, 2010