(Clearwisdom.net) The news about the H1N1 Flu (also called Swine Flu) has been blocked tightly by the communist regime for a long time. People have been deprived of the right to learn the facts. Recently, someone informed the Epoch Times overseas that this flu has caused 51 deaths in the city of Changchun. When a reporter from the Epoch Times called the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Changchun City to confirm this news, a staff member there claimed that information about the H1N1 Flu was classified information, which he couldn't even tell his parents; otherwise he would be investigated regarding his legal responsibility.

This person seemed to have abided by the law. However, let us think about it, who he is really protecting?

Indeed, every country always has some classified information that needs to be kept secret and certain legal rules apply, which people usually understand and accept. However, the regime's classified information includes things such as natural disasters, epidemic situations, tainted food products, security and so on. In the name of classified information, people are deprived of the right to learn the truth. Keeping such issues a secret is indeed only meant to deceive people for the sake of the ruling party's reputation. It does not seem to matter to the regime how many lives are put in jeopardy as a result.

Chinese people have been the victims under such a secrecy system numerous times. Just think how many cases of this kind of thing has happened in recent years. During the spreading of SARS, the whole world blamed the Chinese government for having blocked this news and preventing this news from spreading outside China. However, the Chinese government officials still stated again and again that the situation was under control. Before the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008, many earthquake experts had predicted it and reported their predictions to higher officials through different channels. However, the CCP kept secret these earthquake warnings, simply for the sake of an incident-free Beijing Summer Olympic Games. In addition, government officials collaborated with the dairy producer Sanlu and the manufacturer of the melamine-tainted milk powder in order to keep it a secret, therefore this product was massively produced. After the news of the contamination broke out, they collaborated again to protect each other. This case was by no means an isolated one. Not to mention the ten-year persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, which has been kept top secret, especially the harvesting of organs from living practitioners in China. The communist regime tried to keep this a secret and censored the news of these events from the international community. They also censored news about the lawsuits against government officials of Jiang's regime from the public in China.

When we analyzed this, we realized that keeping secrets in the name of the law is simply a tool for the communist regime to maintain their power and interests. This is really not for the sake of the common people of China, because they try to blindfold people with the so-called law, so they can manipulate them at will.

In this situation, what can be done for the common people? Are the people not able to take responsibility for themselves?

One of the best ways is to break through the internet blockade, in which the regime is preventing people from reading overseas reports regarding news in China-- what is really happening and the reactions of foreign governments and the public.

There are people in the world who do care about the Chinese people. How many people have been offered informational materials by Falun Gong practitioners? These practitioners live frugally in order to save money for preparing these materials. They endure hardships and risk their lives to distribute these materials. For whose sake are they doing this? For years they have warned people that the Heavens will eliminate the Communist Party, and encouraged them to withdraw from the Party to ensure a safe future. They have no wish for political power, so one could only conclude that they are risking their own safety and providing this vital information truly for the good of others.

December 4, 2009