(Clearwisdom.net) Since my husband met me, he has been listening to the facts about Dafa. After learning the truth, he has been very respectful of Dafa and practitioners. He uses anti-blockade software to read the news on Dafa websites almost daily. So much truthful information has helped him to form righteous thoughts.

After listening to "Five Thousands of Years of Chinese Culture" on Sound of Hope radio he said, "What have the media in mainland of China been doing? They just cannot produce such high-quality programming."

When he watched the news on New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV), he said, "This is real news. Many media in mainland of China cannot make the news clear and understandable. Sometimes they purposely fool the general populace."

After watching the Shen Yun performing arts show VCD, he said, "Shen Yun is very good. The backdrop, costumes, and music are all very good. The traditional culture it promotes is wonderful. If we have a chance in the future, we should go see the real show in the theater."

As for current society, his comment is: "The Chinese Communist Party is the biggest gangster."

Regarding fake products, corruption, prostitution, gambling, and poison food in society, he said, "All these evil thing are because of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). The Great Cultural Revolution messed up people's minds. As a result, they don't have any beliefs. In the past, people believed in retribution. Now they don't believe in anything. Many people only seek to protect themselves and pursue personal interest."

Sometimes I tell him some principles of Dafa. When I listened to the Fa lectures, he occasionally listened with me. He also read some of Master's oversea Fa lectures, allowing him to become righteous.

Stealing is very common in society nowadays. Because the average person fears vengeance, few would stop a thief. One time he saw a thief stealing things, and he alerted the victims. Later a large group of thieves surrounded him, and he almost got into a fight with them. Later he told me that the thieves usually had connections to the police. Otherwise they would not be so tolerant of them. This is another example of how the CCP has messed up society.

He picked up a total of 80 yuan on two occasions. He spent 20 yuan on bread and gave the loaves to farmers while they were sleeping. He gave the remaining 60 yuan to me and asked me to donate it to Dafa. One time, after learning that NTDTV was partially maintained by donated money, he said, "If we have extra money, we will donate some to NTDTV."

When the Party attempted to persecute me, he always defended me. After experiencing such persecution on several occasions, he withdrew from the Party with his real name. (I had withdrawn for him using a nickname in the past).

My husband thinks that Dafa practitioners' clarifying the truth is accumulating virtue. Although he was not directly involved in asking people to withdraw from CCP, he would clarify truth to his friends and let them to see the truth face of the CCP. Because he is very knowledgeable, likes to explore, and reads a lot about history, current politics, comments, and finances, what he says can be easily accepted by ordinary people. He is like a live media outlet all by himself in the Fa rectification period.

The above are just several examples. I would like to thank the fellow practitioners who produced the anti-blockade software and who create such excellent articles and media.