(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I've noticed that many Falun Gong practitioners are talking about divine powers. I would like to talk about my understanding, too.

A single thought by a high-level divine being can create a large-scale celestial body. As Dafa disciples created by Dafa, as the most capable beings in the universe, our righteous thoughts (divine power) should be even more powerful.

When fellow practitioners talk about divine powers, most of the time we talk about the righteousness of our righteous thoughts, but we rarely talk about the purity of our thoughts. As a matter of fact, the purity of our thoughts is also very important. The way to achieve the state of purity is to be tranquil.

Two years ago, I read an article in Minghui Weekly. One practitioner achieved such a state of tranquility in which he felt uncomfortable even when he thought about what he wanted to eat that day. After that, in validating Dafa, he was able to use the divine power any way he wanted. Almost anything could be realized once he had any particular thought. How could he achieve such a state? Because when we are tranquil to the extent that we are empty, all the negative factors will be suppressed or eliminated. The only thing left is our true self. Because the true self of a Dafa disciple is the most capable being in the universe, our divine power will be manifested and can do anything. Therefore, I would like to suggest that all of us try our best to first be tranquil in our hearts when we do anything to validate Dafa. We will then be able to have an effect beyond our expectations.

Please point out if anything is not on the Fa.

Written on December 31, 2009