(Clearwisdom.net) In the past 10 years, Ms. Liu Jinying and her husband, Zhang Dongsheng, have been persecuted many times. Their daughter, who was thus raised by her grandmother, is now studying for the college entrance exam. On December 31, 2009 the electricity was shut off at the house because they could not afford to pay the bill. Their daughter had to go to a neighbor's place to study.

Ms. Liu Jinying (45 years old) is a former deputy head of Laishui County Appeals Bureau. Because of her belief, she was illegally sentenced. After being detained and tortured for 5 years, she could barely take care of herself. However, she had to look after her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law passed away on May 18, 2009.

Before her death, Ms. Liu's mother-in-law missed her son, Mr. Zhang Dongsheng, very much since he had been detained for several years. However, she was unable to see him before her death. Mr. Zhang was a former office director in the Laishui County Taxation Bureau. Because of his belief, he was sentenced to a 15-year term of imprisonment by the Yi County court and has been detained at Shijiazhuang Fourth Prison for eight-and-a-half years.

Ms. Liu Jinying

After the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's regime started, this harmonious family was broken up. Zhang Dongsheng and Liu Jinying were both sentenced. Under intense pressure from their workplaces and by the Laishui Police Department, both Zhang Dongsheng's father and Liu Jinying's mother passed away. The partial paralysis in Zhang Dongsheng's mother recurred. Liu Jinying's father was also often threatened by officials that his retirement pension would be terminated.

The 10-year long persecution has virtually deprived the family of everything. Ms. Liu Jinying went several different times to her former workplace to ask for her unpaid salary. However, the former Appeals Bureau Head Liang Jinfu, together with Deputy County Head Wang Ruipo, had spent it as office expenses. The current Appeals Bureau Head Liu Zhigang cursed at Ms. Liu and still has not returned her unpaid salary.

Ms. Liu was arrested in August 2000 and sentenced to 5 years. On October 16, 2003 she was transferred from Shijiangzhuang Second Prison to Taihang Prison. In both prisons she was tortured by various means, including forced administration of toxic drugs. The persecution methods included monitoring by inmates or collaborators, solitary confinement, electric shock, her ankles being tied up tightly with nylon ropes, deprivation of sleep and use of toilet, being beaten and kicked, forced intake of toxic drugs, mental torment, brutal force-feeding, etc.

Under instruction by prison guards, inmates beat her every day and did not allow her to speak. In addition, the drugs forced upon her made her body even weaker. When other people wore only a shirt and put away their sweaters, she felt very cold, even with a heavy coat on, and she had to support herself against the wall when walking. She often vomited. In order to take it to the bathroom, every time after vomiting, she had to support herself on her arms and move the basin forward with her head little by little, for she was too weak to stand up. Prison guards instructed inmates to force-feed her many types of drugs, regardless of her health condition. After force-feeding her the drugs, the inmates did not give her one drop of water. Ms. Liu had no choice but to drink urine in the bathroom. The lengthy use of the drugs resulted in hair loss, loose teeth, and graying hair. To reduce the poisonous effects, she often went through trash cans looking for leftover food to eat.

On August 19, 2001 Mr. Zhang Dongsheng was arrested at his workplace by the regime officials. He was later sent to Yi County Detention Center and tortured there. He was once handcuffed with his feet chained for 36 days. He had scabies all over his body. Then he was sentenced to a term of 15 years and sent to Baoding First Prison. Because of his refusing to transform, he was sent to Shijiazhuang Fourth Prison and persecuted there. To cover up the torture, Shijiazhuang Fourth Prison officials did not allow any family members to visit him for a long time. At Division 8, the torture led to various problems all over Mr. Zhang's body, including loss of six teeth and a deformed mouth. The major person responsible for this was Zhao Jun, an officer in the Educational Office who instructed inmates to beat Mr. Zhang.

When the couple was sentenced, Laishui police went many times to ransack their house. They even went to the home of Mr. Zhang's sister to threaten her, and they took away articles with a value of 20,000 yuan.