(Clearwisdom.net) The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (WOIPFG) reported on December 12, 2009 that a special investigator from the WOIPFG had a nearly 30-minute long conversation with a witness who used to work in a public security system in Liaoning Province. The man revealed how he witnessed a case of organ harvesting from a living Falun Gong practitioner. The scene he described brought one back to the year 2002. The conversation made one feel as if one were hearing the voices and watching the scene.

1. The victim, a Falun Gong practitioner

The victim in this case was a female Falun Gong practitioner in her 30s. She had been brutally tortured for a week and had been force-fed. Her body was covered with bruises and cuts. When the knife cut into her chest, she "made a loud wailing sound. She said, 'Falun Dafa is good' and also said something roughly 'you kill one person like me and how can you kill those numerous people who are mistreated because of their belief.'"

The witness said, "This practitioner was a teacher in a middle school. Her son would probably be 12 years old this year. Her husband was just a worker and didn't have much influence in society." The implication from what the witness said indicated there were certain rules in the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) organ harvesting. The rules were based on the victim's background and social status. How much risk is involved in organ harvesting? It depends on the CCP's criteria. As long as the victims are qualified according to the CCP's rules, it would be okay. Previously, it's been widely acknowledged that organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners was restricted to those from the countryside or those who refused to tell their names. However, it seems that those who practice at home, who talk to people about Falun Gong and the persecution, and who are from cities, can also become the victims of the CCP's organ harvesting.

During the Cultural Revolution in China, it was required to set up an elementary school in every village and a middle school in every township, which is still the current state of education in China. Therefore if the place this victim came from had a middle school, it wouldn't be a village or a town. Also, the victim's husband worked in a factory. Normally a factory would not be located in a remote rural area. It seems the victim was a city resident. Saying that, "her husband didn't have much influence in society," indicates that he had no special background, lived on a salary, and might be one of those workers at the lowest social level in the city, constantly facing the danger of being laid off. Thus the CCP officials wouldn't be too worried about the consequences if they removed his wife's organs. Such a person without any social background or connections wouldn't have much money to bribe different officials to appeal for his wife or to retaliate against those who were responsible. We must pay attention to this CCP's "rule" in organ harvesting because it means that organ harvesting can happen to anyone, not just Falun Gong practitioners or those awaiting the death penalty.

Many practitioners who have experienced being illegally detained in China mentioned a common phenomena: That the prison guards and cell heads of detainees were all concerned about the background of the detainees' families. This was not out of sympathy, but rather, it would determine their attitude towards the detainees. If one's family has money, power or complicated social connections, one will hardly suffer any mistreatment. Those who don't have many visitors, have no money to be extorted from them, or don't have a high social background, are subjected to more torture or other mistreatment. Beating them would not bring any serious consequences. Beating those who have relatives and friends in organized crime or with high social status could bring big trouble.

Many people may ask, "There were so many people whose organs were taken. Why don't their family members stand up for them?" One of the reason is this"rule" of the CCP. They don't care about laws or human conscience but are only looking out for their own interests or what it costs them. Therefore, they are usually afraid of those who have social resources or have the ability to expose them publicly. Not all family members or relatives of those practitioners from the countryside practice Falun Gong. They are often threatened, and told that the practitioners are "social enemies" and against the communist party. The "red terror" and the longstanding CCP policy of implication often cause them to be silent, even if they know their family members are being murdered. Local police usually deny any knowledge of the victims' whereabouts when people come to inquire where their family members are, unless they are bribed. After trying and failing again and again, many people finally can't handle it mentally and/or financially, and give up the effort to look for their family members who have been illegally detained.

2. Medical officers involved in organ harvesting

The witness described the two medical officers involved in the organ harvesting he saw. "One is from the Shenyang General Hospital of the Army and another one is a graduate from the No. 2 Military Medical University. One is older and the other is young." After opening the victim's chest, "that medical officer hesitated a little bit. He glanced at me, and then at my supervisor. My supervisor gave a nod. The officer then continued working on the blood vessels ... first taking out the heart then the kidney."

Normally, as part of his training, a junior doctor is often assigned to make the first cut in a surgery. Because he is young, he might feel uneasy when the practitioner called out, "Falun Dafa is good," which caused him to hesitate and look at others. He didn't want to take on the responsibility of murder. Military medical schools in the CCP regime are generally worse than other institutions. Since they are managed in military style and are more restricted and sealed off, bribing, flattering, emphasizing social connections and other negative aspects are much worse than elsewhere in China. This corrupt environment quickly lowers people's moral standards and leads to an insensitivity to right and wrong. An organ transplant department is a special place in the medical field. An organ transplant patient is often in poor physical condition and requires large quantities of immunity suppressants and intensive care. The organ being transplanted may be rejected at any time. A doctor there faces high risks and high pressure, and is required to be highly efficient. Usually, a junior doctor in the department will not be praised if he does things correctly, because he is expected to be correct, but he will be scolded even for a small mistake and may be shunned by the whole department if he makes a big mistake.

A young man with ideals and enthusiasm who went through the darkness of the military medical school and finally got a job in the organ transplant department, often feels disappointed when being told to do all kinds of trivial jobs such as verifying how much urine per hour a patient has after a kidney transplant. In China's military system, a person without an influential family background often goes through more hardships in climbing the social ladder and standing out among others. When he is finally able to do organ transplants but has to do it on a live body, which is the same as committing murder, he will face an incredible shock. When he makes that first cut, his conscience is already beginning to die.

The witness said, "I have been trained as an armed policeman, using guns, participating in drills with real bullets and seeing many dead bodies. I really 'admire' those medical officers. Their hands are so steady that there is no trembling at all." That older military officer was numb when facing the victim's extreme pain, wailing and bleeding, because he had been trained and gradually become numb under the CCP's system, from being uneasy of conscience, to the death of conscience, and finally becoming numb. Doing it and doing it more just for a bonus and a rise in military rank. In the organ transplant field, people compete with the number of transplants they've done. The more one has done, the more he is regarded as having richer experiences and higher surgical skills. Xia Qiang, the director of the liver transplant center of Renji Hospital, connected with the No. 2 Medical University of Shanghai, said, "I'm crazy on liver transplants and have become addicted! I don't feel peace of mind if I miss the daily visit to the wards. I will do two or five transplants per week at least. I'm not afraid if I fail. Summarizing the lesson I learned from the failure, I will do it again the next day." Such a person is just what the CCP wants. When one climbs higher and farther in the CCP's training system, he loses more and more human conscience and human nature and more and more becomes filled with demon-nature and evil.

Military officers, you were raised by parents and some of you are parents. You once had an enthusiasm and ideals to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, and therefore you became a doctor. The CCP regime has turned you into an evil tool. You are also a victim. Although you mistreated Falun Gong practitioners, they will not hate or seek revenge against you, because they follow the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. No matter how much they suffer, their future is eternal and wonderful. However, your future will be doomed since the CCP has trained you, turning you into a demon in a white uniform. When Heaven eliminates the CCP, your crimes will be accounted for and you will be awaited in hell. However, you still have an opportunity to do right. Try to understand the truth of Falun Gong! Expose these crimes and the criminal evidence to the world! Help stop the persecution of Falun Gong! This is not for Falun Gong but for your own sake.

December 26, 2009