Shen Yun

Gary appreciated the preservation of ancient cultural values.

Gary, the president of a civil engineering company, appreciated the Chinese culture and history that is portrayed in the show. Since he is from India, he appreciates preserving ancient cultural values.

After watching the show he said, "Very well-coordinated; the music is very good, and obviously the artists are excellent. [The dancers] are synchronized very well. Synchronization is what I can say right now, because it's not just one person, you have 15 people performing at the same time. They are all coordinated with the music and very well trained--very specialized. They are coordinated with the orchestra, they go very well with the music."

Noting the state-of-the art animated backdrops, he said, the scenery "is very well coordinated with the color schemes--the costumes that they wear. Very pleasing, very pleasing to the eyes."

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