All four members of Ms. Fu Zhaocui's family from Hailin City, Heilongjiang Province, have been persecuted multiple times by the CCP since July 20, 1999, because they have persevered in practicing Falun Dafa. They were all illegally sentenced. Her father was imprisoned in Mudanjiang Prison and tortured. His health was bad when he was released, and he died on May 22, 2007.

Below is Ms. Fu's description of what her entire family has endured.

The First Time My Entire Family Was Imprisoned

After the CCP started to persecute Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of the practice. I was then removed from my position as the head nurse in the hospital where I worked. In September 1999, some practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and were detained at the Hailin City Second Police Station. My father, Mr. Fu Yingduo, and another practitioner went to the police station to visit them but were detained by the chief of the police station, Li Xiaofu. My mother, Ms. Tang Yuhua, and I waited until 9 p.m. that night but still my father did not return home. We went to the police station to find him. At the station, we saw two female practitioners restrained on iron chairs with only thin clothes. We went home to get them some warm clothes. When we returned to the station, we met chief Li Xiaofu. He asked us if we still practiced Falun Gong. We both said, "Yes." Li Xiaofu grabbed my mother by the hair and hit her head against the wall. When I tried to stop him, he grabbed my hair and threw me on the ground near the entrance.

Later Li Xiaofu drove me, my parents, and another male practitioner to the detention center. The room we were detained in was only about eight square meters but held more than 10 people. Everyone had to sleep on his or her side. If someone went to the restroom in the night, she could not find the room again after coming back. Every day the detention center only provided half-cooked corn pancakes and vegetable soup with dirt in it. All the detainees had to eat and sleep and relieve themselves in that small room. Three days later, the Second Police Station raided our home and took away our Dafa books. They also arrested my younger brother, Fu Pengchong. Since many of my colleagues and friends visited me every day, the political instructor of the detention center, Zhao Fuping, locked me in another room in the back that was used for detaining felons and did not allow me to meet with others.

One month later, after chief Li Xiaofu was invited for a drink by my colleagues and he extorted 6,000 yuan from my relatives, he released all my family members without giving us any receipts or going through any official procedures.

After we returned home, police officer Cheng Lei lived at our home to monitor us. My father later threw him out. Police officer Li Jincheng also frequently harassed us. Later he was transferred because he made several mistakes at work. Then police officer Zhao Shengjun came to harass us. He once searched our home with another officer.

Persecuted at Work

After I went back to work at the hospital, the chief, who was under pressure from higher level authorities in the sanitation bureau, told me to be on duty in the hospital every day for 81 days. Finally, after my strong requests, my work schedule returned to normal. During the performance review at the end of the year, I only got 60 out of 100 points. Some of my colleagues thought that was unfair. The head nurse explained that the higher level authority of the sanitation bureau had given orders that I receive less than 60 points so that I could not pass the reviews. But the hospital chief and other leaders in the hospital knew my work was excellent and that I was among the best every year, so they gave me the minimum 60 points in order not to lose a high quality worker.

Two days before the 2001 New Year's Day, a hospital vice-president told me to take a "study class." The hospital sent me and another female colleague that was in charge of political work to the class and paid the tuition fee. After I went to the "class," I knew that it was hosted by the 610 Office, although I did not know it was a brainwashing session at that time. The tuition fees paid just for the food and lodging.

The deputy chief of the police department, Zhang Qingyu, was the head of the brainwashing operation. Another man and a woman had been temporarily transferred in to run it. Zhang Qinyu asked me if I still practiced Falun Gong. I said yes. Then he started to criticize Teacher and Dafa. Four days later I was taken back by the Party secretary of the hospital where I worked.

All Four Members of My Family Arrested Again

On January 25, 2002, Song Yumin, the National Security Section chief of the Hailin City Police Department Song, and police officers Jin Haizhu and Jiang Yuantao arrested all four members of my family and searched our home. My brother and I were tortured by officer Jiang Yuantao by "rope tying" (This involves tying one hand behind the back with a rope, putting the rope around the neck, and tying the other hand. Then the rope is pulled, dragging the hands up to the neck with the head down and the legs separated. The thinner the rope, the more painful the torture). Five other practitioners were arrested at the same time.

Most of the people held at the detention center were Falun Gong practitioners. Sometimes we were forced to do farm work on the fields owned by the detention center. Once guard, Liu Qingbo, beat a practitioner. Two practitioners and I went up to stop him. He kicked us. We five practitioners decided to go on a hunger strike to protest the persecution and demand unconditional release. I also wrote a letter to the director of the detention center.

Four days later, the detention center ordered the criminals to force feed us (the food was half-cooked corn flour with much salt added). Jin Haizhu from the national security section and others came to monitor us and take photos of the whole process. Because we did not cooperate, the criminals had to pry open our mouths. Two criminals held us against a chair and another force fed us. After they finished, we were covered with corn flour.

The next day when we practiced the exercises, the temporary director, Jiang Xingrui, came to stop us. We said, "Other guards did not stop us. Why do you stop us?" Jiang Xingrui said that others did not care, but that we could not practice the exercises when he was on duty. He and guard Wang Quanyi dragged five female practitioners out of the prison dorm and forced us to stand against a wall. One practitioner had just suffered from brutal torture five days before and she was also on a hunger strike. She was extremely weak and began to faint. We wanted to hold her up, but Jiang Xingrui yelled at us and did not allow us to hold her. After she passed out completely, he locked us back in the prison dorm.

Then police from the national security section and armed police from the detention center used batons to force feed us. We four practitioners (one had fainted) held on tightly to each other and did not let them separate us. The police began to to drag us down. My clothing borrowed from another prisoner was torn. A practitioner's forehead was hit and developed a bump. When the police tried to feed me, I did not cooperate. Shan Chengqiang, the deputy chief who had just transferred in, punched me in the face and pushed an opener inside my mouth to pry it open.

The news spread to my office. Some co-workers from my office came to talk to us. We finally gave up the hunger strike. While I was detained, the CCP Disciplinary Inspection Committee of the Sanitation Bureau had me fired.

My Entire Family Sentenced

In September 2002, my father and my brother were sentenced to three and five years respectively and were imprisoned in Mudanjiang Prison. In September 2003, my mother and I and seven other female practitioners were sentenced and taken to Harbin Women's Prison. Before that, the detention center told us to pay a detention fee. We refused. My mother and I were sentenced to three years. The practitioner who fainted during the hunger strike was sentenced to nine years. She was the youngest among, only 26 years old.

On the way to Harbin Women's Prison, police officer Shan Chengqiang threw all of our baggage off the vehicle. We did not have any extra clothing or daily necessities when we arrived at the prison.

At Harbin Women's Prison, the guards forced us to sit on small benches. We had to come back quickly after going to the restroom. If there was an emergency, we had to ask permission from the "head prison worker" (if the prisoner's family paid money, she could be a "prisoner worker" and be in charge of the prisoners who did not pay). Four months later, we were assigned to different prison districts. I was assigned to the fifth district. I took off the prison uniform to protest the persecution. Team leader Tao told the guards to handcuff me to the radiator in the prison office. The guards incited criminals that wanted to reduce their sentences to hit me, poke my eyes, drag me by my hair, hit my head against the metal radiator, hit my breasts, and step on my knees. I wrote letters to four different departments in the prison to report the tortures I suffered, but I never got a response.

Police Harass and Arrest My Family Until My Father's Death

In January 2005, my mother, father, and I went home. On December 25, 2005, I was arrested again by the Mudanjiang Railroad Police Station when I went through the Mudanjiang Railroad security check carrying a CD and book of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Because my health was not good, the police released me five days later after extorting 5,000 yuan from my family. Later, police from Mudanjiang City frequently came to my home to harass us.

In 2006, officers from the Mudanjiang City Police Department came to my home but did not find me. They arrested me when they found me grocery shopping. I repeatedly asked them to inform my family of my arrest. They took me to the police hospital for an examination and then let me go home on my own without any explanation.

In 2007, my brother was released from Mudanjiang Prison. My father's health had been bad ever since being imprisoned in Mudanjiang Prison and he suffered from the continuing brutal persecution at home. He felt huge pressure physically and mentally when I was arrested and persecuted several times. He died on May 22, 2007, five months after my brother was released.

Three days after my father died, police officers Cheng Lei and Han Songchen from the Hailin City Second Police Station came to my home to arrest me, claiming I was an "escaped criminal online." My family and I refused to go with them. The chief of the police station, Zhang Jingyue, and other officers came to our home, restrained my brother and my mom, and carried me into the police vehicle. Then the police station asked the police from the Hailin City Railroad Police Station to take me to the Mudanjiang Railroad Detention Center that same night. I had been going to work and taking care of my father every day. Where did the so-called "escaped criminal online" charge come from? Nobody gave me any explanation for the arrest. A few days later, the Mudanjiang Railroad Police Department sentenced me to two years of forced labor. I asked them to notify my family and allow me to call them as other detained persons did, but all my requests were denied.

Several days later, one male and one female guard from the railroad detention center escorted me to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center. Because the police sentencing procedure did not conform to the drug rehabilitation center's policies, the drug rehabilitation center refused to accept me. The detention center officials bribed the rehab center officials to take me, and I was accepted the next day. But I did not pass the physical examination, so the rehabilitation center still refused to accept me. Two police officers begged the drug rehabilitation center to accept me, but to no avail. I was taken back to the Mudanjiang Railroad Detention Center.

In July 2007, I was released on parole and sent home. The police and CCP officials from the community frequently come to my home to harass me and my family members.


All four members of Ms. Fu Zhaocui's family started to practice Falun Gong in 1997. After her father started to practice Falun Gong, he did not play mahjong, did not drink, and did not feel depressed because of being laid off anymore. Her mother had had many diseases. After started to practice Falun Gong, her diseases all disappeared. Fu Zhaocui and her younger brother also felt healthy in body and mind after practicing Falun Gong. Her rheumatism, gastritis, neurasthenia, skin sensitivity, and other diseases all disappeared.