(Clearwisdom.net) I have been fortunate enough to practice Falun Gong since 1997. I always want to share the beauty of Dafa with others, especially with my relatives. Whenever I went home to visit my family, I told my aunt about the amazing wonders of Dafa, but she never took it to heart. She said, "Dafa is good, but I can't practice. You see I can't even raise my arm to do my hair. I can't cross my legs, either. I can't practice. Cultivation is for young people."

I visited with my relatives during the 2005 Chinese New Year. My aunt asked me, "Could you please ask your Master to help me. I'm not feeling well this year. I'm suffering from pain and weakness in my legs. I also feel dizzy. What if I fall down and can't get up? I am 82 already. I don't fear death, but I'm afraid of becoming paralyzed."

I told her, "You should recite 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' with all your heart." "OK, I will do it. I will recite these phrases with all my heart," she said. In the evening she told me cheerfully, "Your Master is taking care of me, I'm not dizzy anymore. I feel fresh and alive." I was pleasantly surprised and said, "You don't know how to read, so I'll bring you Master's nine-day lectures in audio form and you can listen to it." She said, "All right. I will study the Fa well."

I brought her a copy of Master's nine-day lectures in Guangzhou. Her daughter bought her a tape recorder, and she listened to the Fa everyday. Soon she could raise her arm and did not feel any pain in her legs. She's now able to cook, plow the land, and take care of the vegetable plot in her courtyard. She is always happy with a bright smile.

Right before the 2006 Chinese New Year, she washed her hair twice, then looked into the mirror, and saw that it was gray. She then washed it twice more, and it was still gray. How come? She looked into a small mirror carefully. She was pleased and surprised to find that her hair was turning black. At the time, she was 86. Neighbors said, "Her face looks smooth and fair with a rosiness to it. There's no way somebody who's over 80 could look like that."

She listened to the Fa everyday. She came to understand that a practitioner should not smoke or drink. She said, "Master says that smoking and drinking are attachments and they do not do the body one bit of good. I have to quit smoking and drinking." I asked, "Can you pass the test?" "Yes, I can,"she responded. "Master asks us to give up these things, so I must give them up. With Master's help, I will be able to give them up. The smoking habit I got from my parents since they both smoked. Can you tell how many years I've been smoking?" She not only gave up smoking but also drinking. Those who know my aunt well said, "She quit smoking and drinking? It's miraculous!"

During the autumn harvest in 2007, it was raining. My aunt slipped and hit her right shoulder against a windowsill. She could not move her arm it was so painful. The people around her said, "She is so old. It could be a fracture. Take her to the hospital quickly!" At the hospital, the doctor found that her shoulder was dislocated. The doctor fixed it and she recovered in a couple of days.

Once she fell in her courtyard and her daughter went to help her up, but she slowly got up from the ground by herself and was not hurt at all. Similar incidents have happened several times.