(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Deyong, Vice-President of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Supreme Court, acknowledged during a meeting in mid-August this year, "In the present time, some citizens' distrust of the judicial system is gradually turning into widespread public opinion. This is a very frightening phenomenon."

In China, the "legal system" has always been a political tool for the communist regime. More and more people have seen that this is the case. So it is no surprise to learn that many people no longer believe in the judicial system in China.

Judicial System Has Been Trampled During the Persecution of Falun Gong

Under the CCP regime, the judicial system has always been a tool used to control the nation. During the persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual group over the period of more than ten years, China's judicial system has been completely trampled by the regime's "politics in command." I just want to give one example here. Over the past ten years, the regime has spent a lot of money and resources in setting up the numerous so-called "Legal System Education Centers" all over China. These "Education Centers" are essentially brainwashing centers which the CCP has used to force the numerous Chinese citizens who believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to give up their faith, to deprive the citizens of their personal freedoms, and to carry out brutal physical and mental torture, so as to force them to give up their belief.

According to a recent report on the Minghui website, the Zhenxing District Court in Dandong City secretly gave Zhang Shujie, Zhang Shuxia, and Zhao Guangshun (Falun Gong practitioners in Dandong City of Liaoning Province) sentences ranging from three to seven years because these practitioners talked with other citizens about the persecution of Falun Gong. Chief Judge Ma of the Yuanbao District Court in Dandong City claimed, "The more you want to hire lawyers to defend you, the more severely you will be sentenced. Do not allow the lawyers to make innocent pleas." His sole "legal basis" for saying this was the "ideas of the higher-ups."

One can imagine how many cases of injustice have been created throughout China by these kinds of illegal courts, where Falun Gong practitioners are routinely deprived of their basic human rights.

Under the CCP's rule, the judicial system is not able to play the role of safeguarding citizens' basic human rights, nor does it have the fairness and dignity that are fundamental to a judicial system.

The "Political Issue"

Qiu Mingwei, a journalist at The People's Daily (the main mouthpiece for the CCP) and deputy director of the "People's Forum" of the newspaper, recently fled to Hong Kong. He told the media outside of Mainland China about the "political" terror that he experienced in China. Because he recently went to Hong Kong and participated in the "July 1" march, he received retaliation after he returned to Beijing.

Qiu said, "Once you put on a political hat, you can in no way make yourself clean. It is useless even if you hire a lawyer to defend yourself. Even for some very simple things in The People's Daily, they still want to elevate them to political issues. This is very frightening. This can deprive me of my personal freedom."

The so-called "elevating things to political issues" simply means that when common Chinese citizens offend the Communist Party, the regime labels them as criminals so as to persecute them at will. When Qiu Mingwei's issue was "elevated to the political issue," even his high-level "connection" (a person higher up in authority) was afraid of being implicated, and thus could not help him.

Once something is characterized as a political issue, the "judicial system" will become synonymous with "cruel torture" and "mental torture." A friend of Qiu Mingwei in the political and judicial system told him, "Do you know how they dig out evidence from you? They slap your face for seven days and nights without stopping, and make your face swell up like fermenting dough, soft and fluffy. Can you go through the seven days? If you can, can you hold on for eight days and nights? If you can, they still have the tiger bench (a brutal torture means); can you still hold on?"

During the ten years of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong, over one hundred means of physical and mental torture, including the tiger bench, have been used, and they are still being used against practitioners who adhere to their faith. In a certain sense, the "legal system" at this time has already become the violent enforcer of the CCP's dictatorship.

Being Politically-minded and Being Involved in Politics

The communist regime has tried its best to make people unconditionally obey it. For those the communist regime likes, it would claim they are "politically-minded." For those the regime does not like or wants to suppress, it prefers to use the term "getting involved in politics" on them. So like its "legal system," the word "politics" has been selectively used by the regime, and it has become a tool through which the regime can fool, control, and enslave the Chinese people.

In the CCP's system, the legal system can never be above the political system and independently execute its power in a fair way, while the political system will forever utilize the legal system to strengthen the regime's rule. The Chinese people's widespread distrust of and resistance to the judicial system has developed because of this.

The communist regime's very existence has determined that the Chinese people are bound to experience incessant hardships. Any kind of reform can only address the symptoms rather than the cause of the symptoms. Only by choosing withdrawal from the Communist Party and discarding it from their minds can people bring hope to themselves and society.

August 21, 2009