Qiao Hongxia

My name is Qiao Hongxia. I am a 44-year-old practitioner from Shulan City, Jilin Province. Since July 20, 1999, Shulan City Police Department and Tiedong Police Station agents have harassed me at my home many times, greatly tormenting my family and me mentally and physically.

Jilin Liaison Office police in Beijing arrested me on February 27, 2000, when I had traveled there to appeal for Falun Gong. I was shut in their basement and had to submit to a body search. They did not give me anything to eat. I was eventually held for two weeks at the Nanshan Detention Center in Shulan.

On June 5, 2004, Tiedong Police Station agent Yu Guohui, together with five officers from the Domestic Security Division, ransacked my home. They took Falun Gong lecture tapes and books. I was detained for 85 days and put into a labor camp for one year. Because while at the camp I refused to write a letter to abandon Falun Gong practice, the guards incited criminals to beat and kick me. My thigh was black and blue.

On March 8, 2009, Tiedong Police Station head Zhang Honghai and four officers ransacked my home. They could not find what they were looking for.

Meng Xiangfa

My name is Meng Xiangfa, and I am 57 years old. I was laid off from the Shulan Mining Bureau Chemical Plant. I used to live in the mine's downtown area but now live in the Jishu District, Shulan City.

After July 20, 1999, officer Sun Jiku from Fengguang Coal Mine Police Station arrested me and took me to the Nanshan Detention Center.

On March 14, 2002, local police station head Sun Guangyu and police officers Sun Yuku and Lin Shanying jumped over a wall into our yard and arrested my wife, Shao Guizhi, and me. I was taken to Nanshan Detention Center the next day, and my wife was sent to a detention center for 15 days. I was persecuted in the detention center for 47 days. Then they transported me to Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun City, where I was grossly abused for two years. My unemployment pension was stopped for one year.

While at the labor camp, I wasn't allowed to speak with other practitioners. I had to sit on a small stool more than 14 hours daily and had to do intensive hard labor. They often incited criminals to beat and verbally abuse practitioners. They tried to "reform" us by depriving us of sleep. The officials used all kinds of tactics to torture us to achieve their goals, frequently using electric batons to shock us, beating and kicking us, depriving us of sleep, and extending our terms. My term was extended by 43 days.

I asked the division head why my term was extended. He ordered the criminals to carry me off and made me sit on a stool. Team head Chen took me to the interrogation room. Guards Fan, Chen, and Wang beat me down to the floor and kicked me until I was unconscious. When I came to, my face swollen, my teeth were loose, and I was shut into a solitary confinement cell. During that time, the police also arrested my wife. After I had returned home, the police came to my home many times to harass me and greatly hurt my family. Their actions had a bad impact on my children. I just cannot describe the pain and suffering we have been subjected to over the past ten years.

Shao Guizhi

My name is Shao Guizhi. I am a 56-year-old woman. I used to live at the Shulan Mining Bureau Fengguang Coal Mine's central location.

In September 1999 I was detained for 15 days for practicing Falun Gong at the Fengguang Coal Mine Co. football field. Yin Zhongqiu and others are personally responsible for my arrest. In November 1999 I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was detained for 15 days. Later on I was put into a labor camp for one year. While I was detained at Shulan Detention Center, Head Jiang beat me ruthlessly for practicing Falun Gong. They put me in shackles. Liu Qingguo and Zhang Youli and others are personally responsible for the gross abuse.

On March 14, 2002, Fengguang Coal Mine Police Head Sun Guangyu, police officer Sun Jiku, and Lin Shanying jumped over the fence, barged into my home, and arrested my husband, Meng Xiangfa, and me.

On April 23, 2004, I was arrested and taken to the Shulan Detention Center for no reason. Following 37 days of detention, I was transferred to the police station and held another 15 days. I was not released until I paid 1,500 yuan in extortion. Sun Jiku and Lin Shufang are personally responsible for what happened to me.

On October 17, 2005, I was arrested again and taken to the Shulan Detention Center and held for two months, followed by one year of forced labor. Sun Jiku, Li Haisheng, Zhang Zhongyan, and Fu Wenzhong are personally responsible for this.

Jiang Xiuqin

My name is Jiang Xiuqin. I am 65-year-old woman, unemployed, and live on Fengguang Street, the Shulan Mining Bureau.

On September 10, 2003, officials came to my home and harassed me. They confiscated Falun Gong books, tapes, and print-outs. Responsible persons: Sun Jiku and Ma Yanzhen.

In January 2006, they harassed my oldest son at his home. Responsible persons: the same ones who tormented me: Sun Jiku and Ma Yanzhen.

On May 8, 2008, the same two individuals harassed my oldest son again at his home.

Zhang Hongxia

My name is Zhang Hongxia. I am a 47-year-old woman. In August 2000 I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Personnel from Jilin Liaison Office in Beijing took me home. I had to pay all the expenses, in addition to which they extorted 2,900 yuan from me and sent me to the Nanshan Detention Center for 15 days.

In January 2001, four other practitioners and I were arrested in the Fangshan District, Liangxiang Township. Liangxiang Township Police Station agents confiscated our cell phones and 1,500 yuan in cash. We were held for 24 hours and then transported to the Fangshan Detention Center. We did not tell them our addresses or our names and staged a persecution protest hunger strike, demanding our unconditional release. For that we were abused. We were shut in four separate cells.

The detention center used deceit, threats, force-feeding, and other tactics to torture us. They handcuffed us to an outdoor metal pole to freeze us. They handcuffed me backwards, with one hand on the top and the other facing down, then shocked me with an electric baton. Another time, a guard slapped my face numerous times.

After more than 40 days of detention, a practitioner I had previously known arrived at the detention center. She told me that we should not be shut in here and should get out. Then I told the captors my name. The Communist regime was then holding two conferences. I had 5,000 yuan extorted from me and was incarcerated for one year in a forced labor camp.

Xi Yahong

My name is Xi Yahong. I am a 42-year-old woman from Shulan City. One night after July 20, 1999, now-deceased Sun Wenju, who was the former security section head at the Shulan Mental Hospital, and Beicheng Police Station agents barged into my home. They ordered me to hand in my Falun Gong books.

On November 16, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. It happened to be the same time that United Nations General Secretary Annan was coming to Beijing. Plainclothes officers arrested me in front of a foreign embassy and held me at the Chaoyang District Detention Center in Beijing for 18 days. Then Domestic Security Division head Li Jiazhe from the Shulan Police Department handcuffed me and transported me back to the Shulan Detention Center and held me for another 15 days, followed by an additional three-day detention at the Shulan Finance Bureau boarding house before I was released.

In March 2000, that same Li Jiazhe, alon with another police officer, intruded into my home in the middle of the night, took me to the Shulan Police Department for one night, and then held me at the Finance Bureau boarding house again for about a week.

I went to Beijing again on December 19, 2000, to unfold a Falun Gong banner at Tiananmen Square. Plainclothes officers once again arrested and detained me at a train station police station. Then I was sent to Mentougou Prison for five days, followed by another three days of detention at the Langfang Detention Center.

During the ten years of persecution, the notorious Li Jiazhe and others--Nancheng Police Station head Fu Guofa; police officers Kong Xiangchen and Wang Jingwu; Tiedong police station head Zhang Honghai; police officers Xu Qingguo, Yu Guohui, Zhou Hui, and Yu Hongliang; political head Han Xuesong; and others intruded into my home many times, confiscating my belongings. Moreover, they arrived countless times on sensitive dates to harass us.

Tian Shuyun

My name is Tian Shuyun. I am a 45-year-old woman. In March 2000, Tiedong Economic Development Zone head Zhao and individuals Wei and Li arrested and detained me at the Shulan Finance Bureau boarding house for about one week.

On December 19, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing again to unfold a banner to validate Falun Gong. Plainclothes officers arrested and held me at the Train Station Police Precinct, followed by an eight-day stay in the Milin Prison. Zhao, the head of the development zone, recognized me, which led to my being escorted home and to my incarceration at the Shulan Detention Center for another month. Then I was sent to Heizuizi Prison in Changchun City. I failed the physical exam due to hypertension and heart disease. I was returned to the Shulan Detention Center, where I was held another four months. Because upper management officials came for an inspection, I was found unqualified and released.

On September 14, 2003, Tiedong Police Station officer Yu Guohui and another officer arrested and took me to the Nanshan Detention Center. From there they took me to Heizuizi Prison in Changchun. The prison rejected me because of illnesses and sent me back to the Shulan Detention Center. Eventually I was sent again to Heizuizi Prison and forced to stay, in spite of my physical condition. Two months later I was bailed out on medical parole.

On February 27, 2008, officers Xu Qingguo, Zhou Hui, and Han Xuesong and others from Tiedong Police Station arrived at my home, searching for Falun Gong books, CDs, and recorders. I was arrested again. This time they took me to the Tiedong Police Station and then to a detention center for more than 20 days. I was again bailed out on medical parole.