(Clearwisdom.net) (Correspondent from Gansu Province) On July 28, 2009, practitioners Ms. Wang Yumei and Ms. Li Xia, both from Jinchang City, Gansu Province, were arrested and held at the Jinchang City Detention Center. Both had been mistreated previously because of their practice of Falun Gong. Ms. Wang had even been sent to the Second Hospital in Jinchang City for intravenous treatment of a lung condition she suffered as a result of the persecution.

At 7:00 p.m. on June 22, 2009, Fang Yintian, Chief of the Jinchang City 610 Office, ordered the arrest of the following practitioners:

  • Ms. Wang Yumei (age 40, a resident of the 6th Floor, Building 52, Division 22, Jinchang City)

  • Ms. Li Xia (age 47, a resident of Minqin County, Gansu Province, temporarily staying at the Erquang Housing Center)

  • Ms. Sun Caiying (age 58, a retiree of the Jinchuan Group Life Services Company and a resident of Division 21)

  • Ms. Shi Ruzhen and her husband (both in their 70s, residents of the 4th Floor, Building 2, Dizhi Group, Division 19)

  • Ms. Li Lin (a non-practitioner, age 37, manager of the Taihei Video Store in Division 22)

The arrests were organized by officers of the State Security Division of the Public Security Bureau, including Shang Kewu, Li Xinhua, and Li Xuhuo. They directed officers from the local police stations on Xinhua, Guilin, Binhe, and Beijing Roads to make the arrests.

Groups of about twenty police officers forcibly entered each of the practitioners' homes without warrants and seized computers, printers, Falun Dafa books and materials, DVDs, bank books (which were later returned) and other personal belongings. Ms. Shi and her husband were released the same day. Ms. Sun was held for fifteen days, and Ms. Li Lin was held for a month.

This large-scale arrest was part of a campaign that was organized, planned, and carried out by the Jinchang City 610 Office. Agents had been tracking the practitioners, tapping their phones, and keeping them under surveillance for a long time. The 610 Office used the Chinese Communist Party's absolute control over government resources to direct police officers, special agents, and thugs to monitor and collect false information about practitioners in order to persecute them. The officers also extorted money from and pressured practitioners in attempts to extract "confessions" from them.

The 610 Office had been planning the arrests for over a year. Shang even stated, "We will fatten them up for the kill," meaning he would seek enough "evidence" to ensure heavy sentences for the practitioners. By monitoring and tapping the cell phones of Ms. Wang and Ms. Shi and her husband, agents were led to Ms. Sun, Ms. Li Lin, and Ms. Li Xia. The 610 Office used its ample government funding to establish a special task force to carry out the arrests. Under the guise of "organized civil administration," Fang assembled various public security organizations and convened a special meeting to plan and carry out the persecution.

Principal participants in the 610 Office:
Fang Yintian: Chief of the Jinchang City 610 Office, Deputy Mayor of Jinchang City, the person in charge of the persecution. He managed the funding and directed the police forces.
Wu Guangxian: Deputy Chief of the Jinchang City Public Security Bureau
Wu Yingxian: Director of the Jinchang City National Security Bureau
Shang Kewu: Director of the State Security Division, Public Security Bureau, Jinchang City
Li Xinhua and Li Xuhuo: Officers of the State Security Division, Public Security Bureau, Jinchang City
Zhou Junguo, Xu Bin, Jia Jun, Liang Bai, and Chen Jinjin: Agents of the Jinchang City National Security Bureau
Chief of the Jinchang City Public Security Bureau: 86-935-8396001
Security Office of Jinchang City: 86-935-8234552
Secretary of the Jinchang City Political and Judicial Committee: 86-935-8229340
President of the Jinchang City People's Court: 86-935-8213515

Written on September 15, 2009