Name: Ge Yanzhi (葛艳芝)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Address: Puchihe Village, Xiliucun Township, Zunhua City, Hebei Province
Occupation: Farmer
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 23, 2008
Most recent place of detention:
Xiliucun Police Station (西留村乡派出所)
City: Zunhua
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, Physical Constraint, Beatings, Force-Feedings, Drug Administration, Interrogation, Torture, Extortion, Living under Surveillance, Brainwashing, Home Ransacked
Key Persecutors: Gao Junjie (高俊杰), Ren Xiaojun (任小军)

( (Correspondent from Hebei Province) Ms. Ge Yanzhi has been repeatedly harassed by officers from the local police station, imprisoned at detention centers and brainwashing camps, and suffered physical and mental torture. She became mentally unstable as a result of the torture in 2002.

On July 20, 1999, officers from the township police station tried to coerce her to sign a "Guarantee Statement" and threatened to arrest her if she refused.

On October 30, 1999, Ms. Ge was arrested in Beijing for appealing for the right to practice Falun Dafa. Later, she was detained in the Zunhua Detention Center for 18 days, extorted 2,000 yuan and an additional 540 yuan for "food expenses." She was subjected to handcuffing and shackles while there.

On December 27, 1999, Ms. Ge was detained at the township police station for 5 days and extorted 3,000 yuan for refusing to write the "Guarantee Statement".

On June 4, 2000, Ms. Ge was arrested by officers from the Xiliucun Police Station. She was detained and beaten for 4 days before she was taken to Erli area in Zunhua City by the 610 Office and the domestic security section. Agents Chen Jianguo, Gao Jun, He Shulan forced her to stand straight, run, watch videos defaming Dafa everyday for 46 days, and extorted 1,400 yuan from her to cover her "food expenses."

In November 2000, Li Xin, Gao Junjie, Ma Rongfen from Xiliucun Township CCP and government, Ren Xiaojun, director of the police station, officers Tang Yushu, Xu Zhihong and others detained Ms. Ge in the police station for 3 days, forced her family to write the "guarantee statement" stating that she would not go to Beijing to appeal.

In December 2000, Ms. Ge and two practitioners, Ms. Chen Shuqin and Ms. Li Xiaojiang, went to shop for materials together. Chen Xiugu saw them together in the market and told police that "the practitioners are gathering for assembly." Ren Xiaojun, director of the police station, and officers arrested Ms. Ge and detained her at the police station for 23 days.

On March 13, 2001, Ma Rongfen and Li Xin from Xiliucun Township government took Ms. Ge to the Qijiawa Brainwashing Camp in Zunhua City where she was forced to watch videos slandering Falun Dafa. She and other practitioners were forced to mimic frog jumping and duck walking, forced to run and march in water because they refused to "transform". Camp agents, Ji Yongsheng, Li Xiaozhong, and Chen Chun repeatedly beat her, Wu Chang and Wu Baoyu bound her with a rope.

On May 18, 2001, Ms. Ge was taken to the detention center and subjected to solitary confinement for six and a half months. Then, the agents from the 610 Office imprisoned her at the brainwashing camp for another 18 days. They extorted another 1,000 yuan from Ms. Ge as a "food expense" before she was released in December.

On June 10, 2002, Ms. Ge was arrested for distributing Falun Dafa fliers by officers from the Shirengou Police Station in Zunhua City. She was detained at the Zunhua City Detention Center. Guards cuffed her hands and shackled her feet. She went on a hunger strike. After 30 days, guards Han Guangsheng, Li Chao, Li Xuedong, Wang Donghai, each grabbed one of her limbs, lifted her, and repeatedly threw her to the ground. They also force-fed her drugs until she became mentally unstable. Ms. Ge was finally released after being detained for 46 days and she had become too weak to be imprisoned.

On October 1, 2002, the officers from the Xiliucun Township Police Station arrested Ms. Ge. They arrested Mr. Xia Zilin, Ms. Ge's husband, at the same time but released him that night. They took Ms. Ge to a brainwashing camp. At night, Xu Yonggang, the head of the brainwashing camp, used handcuffs and a piece of wire to tie Ms. Ge to an outdoor electrical pole for 3 or 4 hours. The handcuffs cut into Ms. Ge's arm. Her hands became swollen.

Ms. Ge was forced to write a "Repentance Statement" on October 19, 2002. Then she was permitted to go home to change clothes. She took that opportunity to flee from the town to avoid further harassment. She returned home three months later.

Around January 16, 2003, the officers from the Xiliucun Township Police Station and Zhang Lianhe, the CCP secretary of the village at that time, arrested her from her home. Agents from the 610 Office and officers from the Domestic Security Section violently interrogated her in the police department. Later, she was taken to the detention center, where she was subjected to interrogation and mistreatment there. In May, Ms. Ge's grandson died eight days after he was born. Ms. Ge broke down when the guards told her the news in the detention center.

In July 23, 2008, just before the Beijing Olympics, Li Xin from Xiliuchun Township government, Miao Aidong, director of the Xiliucun Township Police Station, Han Jiguang, CCP secretary of Puchihe Village, Yan Yizhong, head of Puchihe Village, and more than ten people illegally searched Ms. Ge Yanzhi's home and seized her Falun Dafa books and satellite TV receiver. They detained her at the police station until late evening, and extorted 2,000 yuan cash from her.