(Clearwisdom.net September 15, 2009) Today a fellow practitioner talked to me about the recent persecution plans of the old forces, and I said to him: "Let them be! If they try to harass us, we will eliminate the evil behind them and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to the persecutors! Even if they do not listen to us and don't stop the persecution, we don't need to worry about what they will do to us as we have the righteous thoughts and divine power. We wouldn't have the chance to talk to them about Dafa if they didn't come to harass us."

However, I rethought what I had said after the fellow practitioner had left and realized that I did not deny the old forces' arrangements fundamentally. I realized that what Dafa practitioners needed to do was to be steadfast, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth when the evil tried to persecute us. But was this denying the old forces' arrangements? Dafa disciples should deny the old forces from the root and not allow any forms of their arrangements to exist in our fields. I had regarded that as a good opportunity to save the 610 Office workers when they came to my home to harass me. However, this way I had actually acknowledged the 610 Office workers' harassment and even considered it as Master's arrangement for the 610 Office people to be saved through me. My new understanding is that I should, of course, save the 610 Office people, but in a positive and active way. For example, I could clarify the truth of the persecution to the 610 Office people when I run into them at the local grocery market; I could also visit them at their homes and talk to them about Dafa. The 610 Office's home harassment is created and used by the old forces, and my acknowledgment of it is acknowledging the persecution to a degree.

Master already told us to deny anything arranged by the old forces, so I should deny any forms of messages related to the persecution. Some practitioners pass around the information of so-called "tight times" when the persecution gets more severe than other times. Isn't this an acknowledgment of the old forces? Why didn't practitioners pass around the information about bird flu? Because we all know that "illness" cannot harm Dafa practitioners. Can the persecution harm practitioners? When we are passing the information of "tight times", we admit that it does, and in turn, we are acknowledging the old forces' arrangements.

We deny the old forces' arrangements which have no effect on Dafa disciples because Master has not arranged such a trial for our cultivation and we want to walk the path only arranged by Master. Of course, we do not irrationally deny the existence of the old forces and their interference. Rather, we should understand that the old forces' arrangements do not have an effect on practitioners and not even on ordinary people, because they are not what Master wants. Thus we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces and their arrangements so that they cannot interfere with us any more. Sending forth righteous thoughts is the best way of denying the old forces. If any forms of harassment or persecution - even a tiny bit - happen to a practitioner, the practitioner should think carefully about why the old forces' arrangements are able to show their power in his/her field.

Master said: "The entire world has been divided up with a piece apportioned to each Dafa disciple. This is reflected in how things are on Earth, and the people in this world correspond to the cosmos." (Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference)

If every disciple would not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements in their minds and send strong righteous thoughts to eliminate them, the persecution on Earth could end in no time. Let us remember Master's teachings and upgrade our Xinxing, as upgrading xinxing can better serve the purpose of saving sentient beings.

September 14, 2009