(Clearwisdom.net) "Sensitive Day"is a special Chinese Communist Party (CCP) designation. "Sensitive days" include public holidays and festivals, as well as commemorative days, especially the days marking CCP-perpetrated massacres or incidents of persecution. This phenomenon has now spread outside of China.

 In Korea on September 13, over 100 Chinese thugs, incited by the CCP, attacked people participating in a parade to celebrate "60 Million People Quitting CCP." They damaged equipment used in the parade. Some of those responsible were arrested and taken to the police station.

What typifies "Sensitive Days?" The local authorities are suspicious and panicked, as well as highly sensitive about crowds. They keep a close watch on specific groups of people, including democracy activists, Falun Gong practitioners, people that appeal for their basic human rights, dissidents, and freelance website commentators. The CCP uses any and all of its arsenal of tactics, including arrest, imprisonment, and torture, to silence these people. At the so-called "sensitive" areas, such as Tienanmen Square, government informers from all levels, as well as plainclothes police, are everywhere. The minute they notice anyone "suspicious," they stop the person to search his or her bags and perform a body search and then question or even detain the person.

Regarding the Internet, the CCP blocks overseas Chinese websites that have opinions of which it doesn't approve. Whenever "sensitive" words appeared on public forums, the CCP would either "harmonize" the forums or have the entire forum blocked. Then they would search the IP address and detain whoever published the content, if they originated from inside China.

The Chinese media has to stick to the Party line and sing the praises of the Party. Negative news stories and sensitive topics are deleted. Reporters that deviate from the party line are severely punished.

Now this phenomenon has spread globally. The CCP has propped up pro-communist overseas Chinese leaders, influenced foreign political government leaders, bought Chinese language media, infiltrated overseas groups, and instilled them with Party ideology and Party culture to influence mainstream media. At the same time, it actively practices terrorism. For example, during the ten years that the government of China has persecuted Falun Gong, CCP operatives have beaten, harassed, and/or threatened practitioners in a number of locations worldwide.

October 1 is another sensitive day. The CCP, which has been a source of misery for the Chinese people for 60 years, is already beyond cure. However, it demands that three billion Chinese people "celebrate" the occasion. This "celebration," which will cost billions of dollars, will not only be carried out in China but overseas as well. The CCP's red flag will be raised in front of the White House in the United States, a rally held in front of the Canadian Parliament, and "revolutionary songs" sung in the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

Not long ago, this CCP phenomenon of "Sensitive Days" exploded in Korea. The attacks were very much the same as to what had happened in Flushing, New York. On September 13, at a rally to celebrate "60 Million People Quitting CCP" in Ansan-si City, about a hundred Chinese thugs, incited by the CCP, attacked the rally site. With weapons in hand, they beat people who participated in the parade. Some of the thugs were arrested and taken to the police station. These thugs admitted that they had the backing of the Chinese consulate.

However, the CCP's actions work against what it desires. The more it suppresses people, the more clearly people inside and outside of China see its true nature and the more they resist. The rational and peaceful appeal by Falun Gong practitioners against the persecution has truly taught people how to protect human rights peacefully and nonviolently. Today, any suppression of the people by the CCP would be exposed, and they would be shunned. The protests by individuals to protect their rights would be publicized throughout China and abroad via the Internet, telephone, or other communications methods. This worries the CCP even more. Now it seems that every day is a "Sensitive Day" for the CCP, and people can no longer be deceived by its lies or terrified because of its violence.

For example, pre-installation of the software "Green Dam" to control information transmitted through the Internet was strongly opposed by people in China as well as governments and companies abroad. Due to this intense pressure at home and abroad, the CCP announced an indefinite delay of the execution of this plan. Therefore, the original plan to pre-install the surveillance software from July 1, 2009, is being held back in cyberspace.

It has been 60 years of continuous, heinous crimes under the CCP regime, and it has been a constant horror. Yet, when it feels the screws being tightened, it continues to perpetrate terror and fabricate lies. When the CCP is at its most violent, it also is at its weakest. Such incidents as hiring thugs to attack people demonstrates that it is aware that it is doomed and it is lashing out as its end nears.

We advise our fellow citizens to cast off their illusions about the CCP and to withdraw from it. That is genuine patriotism.