(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2008, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intensified the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Anqiu City in the Weifang area of Shandong Province. Led by Party Secretary Wang Jihuai, Chief of the National Security group Zhang Xingchen and Commander Li Shenghua, together with about 50 others, are directly involved in persecuting practitioners. They have illegally arrested, jailed, sentenced, harassed, monitored, and stalked local practitioners. They've ransacked practitioners' homes and extorted money from their families. Some of what they have done is listed below:

Ms. Ma Aiyu: One evening at the end of December 2008, about five policemen led by Li Shenghua broke into Ms. Ma's home. They wrapped her in a quilt and took her to the Anqiu Detention Center. They then repeatedly demanded money from her family and claimed that if they did not get it, Ms. Ma would be sentenced to forced labor.

Mr. Li Huanwu: Zhang Xingchen and five or six police officers barged into Mr. Li's home and ransacked it, but nothing was found. They stole 2,000 yuan from Mr. Li's daughter.

Ms. Sun Yufen: Continually harassed, Ms. Sun was forced to leave her home and seldom came back. However, the CCP kept monitoring her home for a long period of time and eventually Ms. Sun was secretly arrested and persecuted to the point where she can no long think clearly.

Ms. Gui Rong: Ms. Gui was sentenced to forced labor on two occasions. After she was released, her home was closely monitored by the CCP. In July 2009, she was again arrested and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Mr. Dai Zongqiu: Mr. Dai was very weak after being released from a forced labor camp and he was almost blind. However, by order of Li Shenghua, Mr. Dai was again monitored and an attempt was made to again arrest him.

Mr. Chen Zhaodi: The police arrested Mr. Chen, 70, for no reason. After he was taken to a detention center, the police extorted 20,000 yuan from his family. Because of his immediate family's dire financial circumstances, the police also tried to extort money from another relative. Mr. Chen was released after his relatives refused to comply.

Mr. Liu Laichang and his wife: Zhang Xingchen and Li Shenghua monitored the couple for a long period of time. In 2008 and 2009, the couple were arrested twice. They claimed that the couple would be sentenced to forced labor if they did not hand over money. After the two CCP officers extorted about 10,000 yuan from the family, the couple were released.

Mr. Li Rendong: Mr. Li was arrested by Zhang Xingchen and Li Shenghua and taken to a detention center. They used the threat of a labor camp sentence to also harass his family. After they received 40,000 yuan from the family, Mr. Li was released. Mr. Li and his family are now homeless.

Mr. Xu Jingping and his son. The home of Mr. Xu and his son was broken into and they were arrested in 2008 Li Shenghua and other officers. The current whereabouts of father and son are unknown. It has been said that Li Shenghua persecuted them to death.

Mr. Wang Liangxing: Mr. Wang was followed and monitored by agents under the direction of Li Shenghua. Once, Mr. Wang had just parked his car when about five police officers towed it away. After that, the police extorted 20,000 yuan from him.

Since 2007, more than 80 Falun Gong practitioners in Anqiu City have been sentenced to forced labor camps. The situation in the Weifeng area is serious compared with all the other mid-size cities in China. Wang Jihuai, Zhang Xingchen, and Li Shenghua are responsible for all these crimes.

September, 10, 2009