In the autumn of 2008, officials from Fuyang City arrested several dozen Dafa practitioners and sent them to the brainwashing center set up at the Bank Officials Training Institute (previously Zhengda School) at the Hebin Road in Fuyang City.

At the brainwashing center, police first played DVDs slandering Dafa and forced us to watch them. Practitioners half closed their eyes and sent righteous thoughts in mind. Police then arranged some people to make speeches to brainwash us. We sat in the hall and didn't listen. Among the ones who made speeches, one person was different. He spoke about the changes of Fuyang city during the past decades and didn't say anything against Dafa.

According to the schedule, Qi Chenggang, director of the 610 Office and Party Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission would make speeches the next day. Practitioners spread the word to each other: "Tomorrow all practitioners should send forth righteous thoughts against Qi Chenggang." At the hall the next day, practitioners looked squarely at him just like dozens of sharp swords shooting at him. Sitting on the stage, Qi looked more like he was on trial. He didn't dare to look at practitioners, his head shook aimlessly and his eyes were trying to avoid seeing practitioners. He tried to collect himself by looking at his notes from time to time. When he spoke, he didn't show his aggressiveness and wickedness as before. Instead there was sadness in his voice. When he was really nervous, he said: "Please do not curse me. Your curse will not damage me." Seeing his awkwardness, we were more assured of the power of our righteous thoughts and the whole body. Since then Qi Chenggang hasn't made any more speeches to practitioners.

At the brainwashing center, police didn't allow us to speak to each other or practice the exercises. They searched every dormitory at night. We kept sending forth righteous thoughts every hour and studied the Fa and practiced the exercises at night. One day one policeman beat Dafa practitioner Liu Yun. We went on a hunger strike collectively. Later on we discovered that the evil didn't pay much attention to our hunger strike. So we shouted the righteous thoughts verses in the corridor of the dormitory. Our voices of over forty people shook the heaven and earth and the ten directions.

The policeman on duty was terrified. His hand couldn't even hold the telephone handset. He didn't report it to his boss until quite a while later. When sending forth righteous thoughts, we didn't feel tired and we were not scared at all. Forty minutes later a police car came with its siren on. We were still at the same place shouting righteous thoughts verses and sending forth righteous thoughts. Qi Chenggang led a group of policewomen to dash upstairs. He hit Dafa practitioner Li Peiyi who was standing in the front to the ground (Li Peiyi was in his seventies and was a war veteran in the fight at the Sino-Indian border) Practitioners then ran into the dormitory, opened the windows and shouted to the outside: "The police are beating people and injured people. The police beat people...."Afraid of being exposed, the police softened their approach and tried to persuade us to return to our own rooms. Then another police car came. Whenever we talked about this incident later on, we were felt profound gratitude towards our respected Master.

Practitioners outside the brainwashing center were able to deliver to us copies of Zhuan Falun and Master's new articles. Every day we recited the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts on the hour. We also clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong to our relatives who visited us and also clarified the truth to the police rationally. Sometimes we studied Master's new articles together at night. Police conducted two major searches but didn't find any Zhuan Falun books or new articles. During that several months, under Master's protection, we managed to pass tribulations one after another. Our Xinxing had improved and our level elevated. We became more and more mature.

We hope we will cooperate better and save more sentient beings in the process of Fa rectification with Master.