(Clearwisdom.net) I didn't realize that I am already quite addicted to computer games until I read the article collection entitled "Get Rid of the Attachment to Computer Games."

In the past I would seldom log on to any ordinary people's websites. A few months ago a coworker registered an account for me on a game website where you can "plant things and raise small animals," and when they grow up you can sell them and buy houses and other things.

Initially I only played during lunch at work; then I started playing it at home. Moreover, I kept calculating the ripening time of my fruit - to prevent others from stealing them. In addition, I found my fortune did not accumulated fast enough, and I started stealing others' fruit. As my fortune accumulated and my level of accomplishments in this game was raised, I had a sense of achievement.

At work my attachment to personal interest was reinforced. My jealousy of coworkers who had a good performance record grew stronger and stronger. From time to time I felt resentful of not getting what I had worked for. I still didn't realize that computer games had stimulated my deep-hidden attachments to personal gain, and that my jealousy, zealotry and competitive mentality had come along.

I installed a fishing game on my computer. I not only fished in my own pond but also tried all kinds of ways to fish in others' ponds. Oftentimes, as soon as the 12:00 a.m. globally sending righteous thoughts time was over the first thing I did was to log on the Internet - to steal fish from other people's ponds. Without knowing it, I was worried about personal gain and loss and couldn't take it lightly.

One day I dreamed of falling into water among all the fish I had encountered in the computer games. I woke up and felt queasy about being among the fish in the dream. The feeling lasted for a whole day, but I failed to realize it was a warning sign for me to stop playing computer games - until the day before yesterday when my supervisor removed me from the computer during office reorganization. He said, "From now on, no one is allowed to sit next to the computer, and no one is allowed to play computer games at work." It was directed at me, because I was the only one sitting next to the computer, and I was the only one that was removed.

I suddenly realized it was time to stop! The computer games had not only increased my attachments to personal gain as well as jealousy, zealotry and competitive mentality, but also had taken lot of my time away from studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts and making truth-clarification materials. I even forgot to print the new material and mistakenly thought I had given it to fellow practitioners already.

Today, with the help of reading fellow practitioners' articles I will remove my attachment to computer games and expose all the attachments that had arisen as a result and remove them. At the same time I have come to understand that in today's big moral landslide, moral standards are distorted and bad behavior such as stealing are justified and even encouraged in many different ways. Human beings have far removed themselves from proper moral principles. Dafa disciples should follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance at every moment. We must not let loose our demon nature even in virtual reality, and waste our precious time at this extremely precious time.

August 28, 2009