(Clearwisdom.net) The fundamental difference between cultivators and non-cultivators is that cultivators look inward to address problems. Additionally, cultivators find and eliminate their attachments through daily interactions with others so that they can improve.

This past summer, two fellow practitioners and I worked at a college. The three of us, I had thought, coordinated with each other to get our work done. On one of our days off, however, Practitioner A said to me, "You have the attachment of pursuit during work. Also, you don't want to take responsibility." Then, Practitioner B added, "Yes, I agree. He acts like a non-practitioner, only focusing on his own interests rather than others'...so selfish." Such comments depressed me. I didn't know what was going on. I forgot that I was a practitioner. Of course, I wasn't looking inward. I thought, "What was I pursuing? There is only three months of work during the summer. What recognition did they give me? What did they see in my behavior that made them think that I was pursuing recognition? How did they know that I didn't want to take responsibility? Did I work less than others? Didn't you guys see? How would you know I didn't take care of others?" I felt so unbalanced.

I calmed down over the next few days and realized that I should look inside. They would not comment on my behavior if I had done nothing wrong. From the perspective of Dafa, I know that if something has nothing to do with you, it will not happen to you. Knowing this, I knew that I needed to find my attachments. I suddenly recalled that when I was young, adults used to talk about how conceited I was. I wasn't able to accept criticism as a child and this continued into my adult years when I started work. I much preferred positive comments rather than negative. Looking back, I saw what a deep attachment I had.

The three of us should have worked as a united team this summer, and we should have had a united philosophy. I felt that only I had done well in my work and that the others had shortcomings. I didn't recognize my role and own up to my responsibility. Furthermore, since I was released from the forced labor camp, how much work had I done for our local Dafa projects? How much work did I do for the truth clarification materials production site, group study environment, or helping former practitioners return to cultivation? Wasn't this my lack of awareness that all practitioners are one body? I didn't take others' needs as a priority and stand beside others, but instead selfishly stood alone. Did I comply with Teacher's requirement to cultivate into a selfless, altruistic, and righteous enlightened being? Did I meet the requirements for being a practitioner?

After I looked inside, I was clear that their comments were reasonable. I now need to eliminate my selfish attachments and improve my understanding of practitioners as one body, and cultivate to selflessness. I will indeed cultivate diligently.

This is a sharing from my personal experience. Please kindly point out if there is anything inappropriate.

September 2, 2009