(Clearwisdom.net) I am an old farmer who lives in Guan County, Shandong Province. I started reading the book Zhuan Falun in 2007. I then learned the exercises. It was Dafa that changed me from a 70-year old patient with high blood pressure to a healthy and productive person.

A few years ago, my blood pressure was very high. I was often sick, and as I got older my health worsened, and I became ill more frequently. I later had health problems almost every month. My systolic blood pressure was sometimes as high as 220. One time, while working in my backyard, my blood pressure surged and I couldn't stand up, so I crawled to the house by myself. On another occasion, I experienced something similar and several kind people brought me home in a hand cart.

I experienced such episodes many times. There were times when I couldn't get out of bed for six or seven days at a time. I could take the suffering, but the cost of infusions, injections, and medication was difficult for a farmer like me who has a limited income. In addition, my wife was often sick and needed my attention. The majority of our income was from a small business I had on the side. When I was sick, I could not work or take care of my wife. I didn't dare to do business outside my home in case I collapsed. With all this, I had worry on top of worry. I worried that I would become a useless person. Even more than that I was concerned that life would become even harder in the future.

One day, a Falun Dafa practitioner from my village gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. He told me miraculous stories about the effects of Falun Gong, and facts about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) framing Falun Gong with fabricated stories. I believed everything he told me. Because I have experienced a lot, and seen the bad effects many political movements had on people when I was young, I knew that the CCP was capable of any evil deed.

It took me about six months to read Zhuan Falun. During that time, I found that my blood pressure returned to normal levels. I realized that Zhuan Falun was not an ordinary book. I subsequently asked the Dafa practitioner to show me the exercises. Soon after, I felt the ease of being illness-free.

I can now work, take care of my family, and do business just like a young man. Although I have never met Master, he has given me so much and I haven't even given him so much as a cup of water. How can I repay Master? I told myself that I would just listen to Master, be a good person, and be Master's student. I will do that to repay Master.

I now do business with a guilt-free conscience. I give back money when I notice that someone has paid me more than necessary. When I see other people who need help, I do my best to help them. For example, when I see slow walking old folks on the street, I give them a ride. Sometimes, I see people with broken bicycles and I also given them a ride. When these folks want to thank me, I always tell them that they don't need to thank me, and that I offer help because I practice Falun Gong. Before becoming a Falun Gong practitioner, I did not have such a compassionate heart. Even if I did think about offering help, I would not have had the strength to follow through. It is Dafa that changed me from being a patient into being a healthy person capable of helping others.

I thank Master and Dafa. I also thank the practitioner who told me about Falun Dafa and the facts about the persecution. I know that only by knowing the truth can people be saved. I not only help others, but also save people. I want to tell my relatives, friends, and villagers that "Falun Dafa is good."

August 24, 2009