(Clearwisdom.net) My mother is 64 years old. When she was a child, her family was very poor, and she didn't have the opportunity to attend school. She couldn't even write her own name. In the past, she would often complain about her fate of being poor. When she was very young, she had to work in the fields. After reaching middle age, she suffered from various diseases including arthritis, back pain, inflamed ribs, lower back muscle numbness, heart disease, and goiter, and she could not straighten her arm due to pain from overworking. Back then, my mother saved up money, and then, at the end of each year, went to see a doctor or bought some medicine for herself. She often said, "Life is really meaningless."

In the spring of 1998, I said to her in a relaxed manner, "What kind qigong does our neighbor, Ms. Sun, practice? Mom, you could practice with her and give it a try!" My mother went to Ms. Sun's home with the attitude of trying her luck. That night, Ms. Sun let my mother watch the video lectures of the Falun Dafa Teacher and taught her the Falun Gong exercises. That was when my mother began her cultivation journey.

Soon after she began practicing Falun Gong, my mother's diseases all disappeared. She was able to straighten her arm again, and our entire family was quite delighted and amazed!

My mother is now disease-free and her body is light. Even young people are unable to keep up with her when she is doing housework. She has read Zhuan Falun 68 times, and has also read Essentials for Further Advancement, Hong Yin, The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa, Touring North America to Teach the Fa and other Dafa books. After becoming a practitioner, my mother's Xinxing improved rapidly. She treats people very kindly and brings peace and comfort to my family.

My mother has been practicing Falun Gong for 11 years now. During this time, she hasn't needed any medicine or treatment, and her children no longer worry about her health. She doesn't spend money on medical costs. I no longer hear her complain about her life being meaningless. Instead, I often hear her say that Falun Dafa is great, and that she would have died long ago if she hadn't become a practitioner.

Ms. Wang's Experience

In mid-August 2009, practitioner Ms. Wang from Changshan Town, Donggang City, Liaoning Province, was riding her bicycle home with her neighbor. While they were on a ramp, she was suddenly hit by a motorcycle. The person on the motorcycle was Mr. Liu from the neighboring village. Ms. Wang lost consciousness when she was struck. Her head was bleeding, and she had other injuries.

After she came to, she said to Mr. Liu, "You can go. I am a practitioner. Nothing will happen to me." After Ms. Wang got home, she listened to the lectures of the Falun Dafa Teacher for two hours, and her discomfort vanished. She went back to work in the fields the next day.

Ms. Wang's story had a great impact on the people in that area. Some villagers who were previously poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda and had negative thoughts toward Dafa have changed their minds because of this incident. They witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa and now know that Falun Dafa is good. Mr. Liu visited Ms. Wang and brought her some gifts. Afterwards, he told others that Falun Dafa and practitioners hadn't deceived people at all. Several of the villagers said to him, "You hit a practitioner this time. If you hit someone else, you wouldn't be so lucky. Who knows how much it would have cost you?" Through Ms. Wang's story, many villagers also believe that practitioners are good people and that the Falun Dafa Teacher teaches his practitioners to be good. Some of them even started learning Falun Gong.

September 6, 2009