(Clearwisdom.net) During the second half of this year, almost every day, a young practitioner came to my home to study the Fa. In the beginning, she had a lot of confusion, and whenever she faced problems, she turned to me for help. While we studied the Fa, we exchanged ideas on Fa understanding, and sent forth righteous thoughts to clear incorrect factors.

Through studying the Fa and exchanging ideas, she began feeling much more comfortable with her understanding. However, she still got distracted by bad thoughts when studying. She told me, "I always have bad thoughts, which always lead me to thinking about dating. In fact, I have never considered dating. Those bad thoughts keep coming into my mind." I told her that the bad thoughts were there to distract her from studying the Fa and practicing cultivation, and we should send forth righteous thoughts to clear them. The next day, she told me that the bad thoughts were still bothering her. I told her to discern them and clear them away. However, the next day, she told me the same thing. Wow! I suddenly realized that this was actually intended to warn me, "Is this telling me that I have the attachment of lust?" Therefore, I started to look within.

By looking within, I realized that I was in a very dangerous state. At work, I was willing to work with male colleagues, since I felt that it was easy to do things with them. I had the attachments of everyday people's fame, material gains and emotion. In a word, I had the attachment of seeking comfort and ease. I also felt that some male colleagues were trying to get close to me. Although I realized this, I let it go on, for fear of hurting their feelings. I told myself that as long as I set myself in the right position, I would not be influenced by them. I wasn't strict with myself. Even worse, I liked to joke with male colleagues, and I didn't cultivate my speech. I realized this and so I tried not to speak. But this didn't solve the problem, since I hadn't looked deeply within to see what attachment of mine was taken advantaged of by the old forces.

I did not realize until today that it was the demon of lust that had been controlling me. As a senior practitioner, I should not have had this incorrect cultivation state. I felt very embarrassed.

Cultivation is serious. I know I shouldn't relax at any time. This lesson taught me a lot. It is Master who benevolently put a young practitioner beside me to warn me and help me enlighten. I can't express my gratitude with human words, and can only cultivate myself well to thank Master.

By looking within, I feel the great responsibility I am shouldering. Having not cultivated myself well is not only a matter of myself, but also a matter of my energy field. If the energy field is righteous, the evil can't come in and take advantage of my attachment. Thus, it will decrease the unnecessary interference for fellow practitioners. As a Dafa practitioner, I must be responsible for the positive factors in cultivation, for my fellow practitioners, and for sentient beings.