Name: Wang Lili (王莉莉)
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Address: Jinlin Province, Changchun City
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest: Unknown
Most recent place of detention: Jilin Women's Reeducation Through Labor Center (吉林省女子劳教所)
City: Changchun
Province: Jilin
Abuse suffered: Imprisonment, forced labor, sleep deprivation, beatings, face slapping, handcuffing and shackling, denial of personal hygiene and sanitary living conditions, other physical punishment

( Due to her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Ms. Wang Lili was persecuted and abused by the Communist authorities many times over the past ten years. Ms. Wang has been detained at the Jilin Women's Labor Camp twice. She was also detained at several different detention centers and at the Jingyuetan secret torture facility. The police have severely beat her and used electric batons to torture her. She was also subjected to torture methods called "big hang-up" and "stretching torture" among others. During the tortures, her rib was fractured, and as a result of the abuse, she developed kidney hemorrhage and protrusion of the lumbar inter-vertebral discs. Wang Lili was nearly disabled, but the authorities still refused to release her.

Arrested for Going to Beijing to Appeal

After Wang Lili started practicing Falun Gong she benefited both physically and mentally. She went to Beijing to appeal against the persecution in September 1999. As a result, she was detained at the Daguang Detention Center by police officers from the Erdao District Police Department. After 15 days of detention, she was transferred to the Balipu Detention Center and held there for one month. When every practitioner at the detention center went on a hunger strike to protest, Ms. Wang was transferred to the Dongshenglu Police Station. Ms. Wang continued her hunger strike and was then released.

Ms. Wang, together with her mother, went to Beijing again on January 15, 2000. They were arrested before they were able to get close to the appeals office, and detained at Balipu Detention Center for one month.

Beaten and Tortured in the Erdao District Police Department

Ms. Wang received the news that her mother had been arrested on March 10, 2002. Together with her non-practitioner friend, she went to the Telecommunications Office to buy an SIM card, and was arrested by police from the Fifth Team of the Kuancheng District Police Department.

The police handcuffed her hands behind her back and then stacked up books on her hands. The more books they stacked up, the tighter the handcuffs became. As a result, the handcuffs cut into her flesh. Because she refused to say anything, the police took her to the Major Crimes Team in the Erdao District Police Department, where she was tortured.

As soon as Ms. Wang entered the room, police officers brutally beat her. They shouted, "You must confess anything that you know. Otherwise, we will make a girl in her twenties into a 50-year-old woman." They used electric batons to torture her and then dragged her around on the ground. Over twenty police officers surrounded Wang Lili to beat and kick her. As a result of this torture she lost consciousness. When she woke up the officers forced her to drink thick salt water.

She was tortured to the point of sustaining a fractured rib and kidney hemorrhage. Her legs and thighs were bleeding and her legs were swollen. Her body was covered with black and blue bruises and abrasions covered much of her body. The policemen beat her all night until she was unable to walk and her face was swollen and deformed.

Ms. Wang was at the brink of death. Despite this, the police did not take her to the hospital, but continued hanging her by her handcuffed wrists to get a confession from her. The police also arrested her cousin and brother (a non-practitioner). Her cousin hardly recognized her.

A week later, Wang Lili was taken to the Shuangyang Third Detention Center. At the detention center, she was unable to eat, drink, or go to the toilet in a normal way. She had to kneel down and crawl.

The police did not spare Ms. Wang's non-practitioner friend. They abused and beat him and ransacked his house. Because he had stayed with Ms. Wang, the police tried to keep him for 15 days detention. Luckily his family sought help through their connections and he was released.

Slave Labor at the Jilin Provincial Women's Forced Labor Camp

The authorities from the Shuangyang Third Detention Center intended to put Ms. Wang into a labor camp, but when they saw that Ms. Wang had been disabled from being tortured, they were afraid that the labor camp would not accept her. Six months later, in August 2002, they took her to the Jilin Provincial Women's Forced Labor Camp for further mistreatment.

While at the labor camp, Ms. Wang was very weak, but camp authorities still overloaded her with forced labor. One day when she was lifting a heating radiator, she curled over from a protrusion of the lumbar inter-vertebral discs.

Six months later, her condition became worse and she was no longer able to walk. The authorities were afraid that she would become disabled, so they had to release her on parole.

Soon after she returned home she became disabled. However, she believed in Master Li and Falun Gong and continued studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Two weeks later, she miraculously recovered.

Arrested, Interrogated and Detained Again

Over sixty practitioners attended a cultivation sharing meeting at Wang Lili's home on May 9, 2007. Police broke into the house and arrested nearly all of them. Dozens of police officers taped them and ransacked boxes, while throwing things around everywhere.

Ms. Wang's mother clarified the facts to the police and told them that practitioners are good people and live according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They took Ms. Wang and her mother to the Dongzhan Police Station.

At the police station, Ms. Wang said nothing all night and the police felt they could get nothing out of her.

Officers from the Domestic Security Division covered Wang's head with a black bag and pushed her into the vehicle on May 10. Wang could hear nothing and sensed that another female practitioner was brought into the vehicle half way.

They took Wang Lili to a bungalow, where the police handcuffed her to a chair. A balding, middle-aged man harshly threatened her, "Do you know where you are now? Wang Shouhui (who was tortured to death), Liu Zhe and Zhao Guifeng were all tortured here." At the time, Ms. Wang realized that she had been taken to a secret torture facility near the Jingyuetan area of Changchun City. Many practitioner's heads were covered with black bags when they were taken there.

This secret facility where practitioners were tortured is very cruel and horrifying, and is stocked with all kinds of torture tools. The police use electric batons to shock the practitioners and the method of "tying the ropes" to torture practitioners. They also use a torture method which includes the "tiger bench." During this torture, practitioners are forced to sit on a bench with a finger-width size steel bar pressed across their stomachs. They are then forced to bend over the steel bar with their stomachs pressed against the bar. Their bones are held against the bar, sustaining injury. At the same time, the practitioners' arms are pulled up from behind, to the extreme, and electric shock batons are used as well. Practitioners are tortured repeatedly with this method, causing them to experience excruciating pain.

In this secret place, there is a gloomy basement with cement walls and no lights and several torture rooms. Candles were placed at the doorsteps. It is a living hell. Mr. Liu Chengjun, Wang Shouhui, Liu Zhe, Zhao Guifeng, and many other practitioners were tortured with all kinds of inconceivable methods in this awful place.

When the police realized that Wang Lili did not say anything, they gripped her hair and beat her in the face. As a result, her face swelled immediately, and her arms were pulled behind her back. Two policemen pulled and stretched her arms and another person kicked her in the lower back until she fainted. When she woke up they continued torturing her with this method.

Detained Again at the Shuangyang Third Detention Center and Jilin Women's Forced Labor Camp

The police took Wang Lili to the Shuangyang Third Detention Center on May 11, 2007, and to the Jilin Women's Forced Labor Camp for further abuse.

During the interrogation, the police brutally beat her. As a result, her protruding lumbar inter-vertebral discs relapsed and she was unable to walk. Despite this the authorities at the labor camp still did not release her.

Her condition became severe. The doctor diagnosed that if necessary they would have to perform surgery. The authorities at the camp were afraid that Wang would become disabled and did not want to take the responsibility, so they finally released her.

August 21, 2009