(Clearwisdom.net) The first thought after I was released from detention was to study the Fa more, solidify myself quickly, and elevate my understanding rationally to keep up with the process of Fa-rectification.

I repeatedly read Zhuan Falun and all the lectures that Master gave abroad. My mind was thirsty. I was eager to memorize everything Master taught. When I reached such a state, I had no impure thoughts, and my heart was very pure. If I didn't understand a passage, I would read it several times over. As I studied diligently, a miracle occurred and Master enlightened me to higher principles of the Fa. Suddenly, I understood what it meant to completely negate the old forces and how to negate all arrangements of the old forces. Before then, I only paid lip service to "negating the old forces' arrangements," but did not actually understand what it meant.

Now I understand that we can only completely negate the old forces' arrangements if we do well the three things. This requires a genuine faith in Master and the Fa, diligent progress on the path of cultivation, and whole-heartedly doing the three things well. If we miss any one thing, we will be interfered with and constrained by the old forces. This would be a gap that could be exploited by the old forces to persecute us.

As I elevated my rational understanding, I also saw that my body in another dimension suddenly leaped out of the dark circle that the old forces used to constrain me. At the same time, I came to see that a genuine cultivator must truly understand a principle rationally before his level can improve, and his physical and mental state elevate. On the human side, he will be able to do better as well. Only when he is able to have a calm mind, study the Fa well, elevate his level, can his speech and action reach the higher realm required of cultivators. Only then can he keep up with the Fa-rectification.

After I arrived at this understanding, I began to read Zhuan Falun with a calm mind from cover to cover. Another miracle happened. I found words that I never noticed before. Slowly, every word in the book was moving and turning. I felt that the meaning of every word changed. The distance between the words grew greater and greater. Suddenly, I found myself between the words. The surface and inner meaning of every word was all different. Behind each word there were deep meanings. Everything was moving. Gradually, they formed infinite particles.

I felt that I was no longer studying the Fa, but immersed and traveling in the Fa in another dimension. At this moment, my body also reached its most optimal state.

Later, Zhuan Falun also showed me the inner meanings of the Fa-rectification. This helped me understand another principle: Fa study is not just a ritual; we must truly calm our minds to study the Fa. We must study the Fa with all of our hearts to open the door to the Fa's inner meanings. Only then will we truly merge into the Fa.

The above is my understanding from studying the Fa. I would like to share with fellow practitioners so that we can encourage one another.

(Editor's note: We hope the author and other practitioners will not be attached to or actively pursue the state described in this article.)