(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young practitioner who obtained the "Fa" with my mother in 1997. My mind was very pure at the beginning. I followed my mother in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises and never slacked off. Every time I went through the karma elimination that Master arranged for me, I was able to always use my righteous thoughts to break through. In my mind, I always wanted to be a qualified young practitioner. However, since July 1999 when the persecution started, while growing up, I have developed attachments and human notions. I developed an attachment of fear and I have not been very diligent in cultivation.

One night, Master gave me hints in a dream. Master wrote the Chinese word "cultivate" on my face, but without the three slanting strokes. I told my mother about my dream. She helped me realize that Master was trying to tell me to catch up with Fa-rectification and to do well the three things. Immediately, I became more diligent. However, after a while, I gradually slacked off again. Every time Master gave me hints, I became diligent in Fa study for a while, but then afterwards I became lax again. My mother encouraged me, but my attachment to fear and my playful mind led me to give up again and again. During that time, I still helped Mother distribute truth-clarification materials at night. Although I had fear, I still believe that Dafa is a righteous Fa.

After I entered Junior High School, I had limited spare time, which became an excuse to avoid Fa study. Furthermore, I even seldom went out to distribute truth-clarification materials. Sometimes, I even found excuses for Mother not to go out. I know Dafa is good, but my attachment to fear was very strong.

In the blink of an eye, I have now turned eighteen years old. Recently, I had a dream. My main spirit was led up to heaven. There was a huge Buddha there who asked me to make a choice. Without any hesitation, I chose reincarnation. The Buddha said, "Reincarnation does not guarantee that you can become a human being." I replied, "I have to be a human. Only in becoming a human being would I have the opportunity to obtain the Fa and save sentient beings." The Buddha was very happy hearing that. The dream was short, but it made me deeply think. Master has not given up on me. Master has been giving me guidance to return back on the path of Fa-rectification and cultivation.

I would like to share my thoughts with young practitioners like me. We should become qualified young practitioners and not be misled by the fancy material things in the human world. We should always strive to follow Dafa's requirements so the old forces will not be able to take advantage of us. We should help our parents do well the three things and not let Master down.