(Clearwisdom.net) Many of the Dafa practitioners who have lived in China for a long time have been anxious for the persecution to end. Today after studying Master's new Fa lecture, "Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference," I have realized that it is because of Dafa practitioners' own issues that the persecution has not ended. On the issue of ending the persecution, we should look inward rather than search externally.

Just think about this: once the Fa-rectification ends, things to be done in the next step will immediately come. So those practitioners who had not done well would have no more opportunities to improve and they would be placed at whichever positions they had reached. Some would become gods, and some would still be humans; some would go up in levels, and some would go down in their levels. Those who have played negative roles would be sent to hell and there would be no chance for them to make up for their sins. And the sentient beings who have not been saved would be eliminated. However, this loss of a human being is not just an issue of one person having been eliminated. If this person has come from a high realm, all of the gigantic group of beings related to this person would have also been eliminated, which is a very frightening thing. It is because of Master's compassion toward these Dafa practitioners and sentient beings that Master has postponed the end of the Fa-rectification again and again, as Master still wants to leave hope for these beings to be saved.

During the Fa-rectification time that has been extended, those practitioners who have had a strong attachment of fear and who are afraid of being persecuted do not hurry up to cultivate themselves well and offer sentient beings salvation; they instead use their human mentalities to wish for the end of the persecution. It is true that Master does not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. But these arrangements have happened after all, and Master has just made use of counterplot (for the sake of practitioners). So what should we, the ones who have been lucky to become Dafa practitioners, do? Should we, of course, follow Master's arrangements? When we, during this tribulation, have followed Master's requirements, and when we have cultivated ourselves well and have saved all beings who should be saved, this persecution will have naturally ended. We should not view the persecution with human mentalities, and we should truly live up to our responsibility; this is what we should do! If we really want to end this persecution, and do not want those practitioners detained in labor camps and prisons, we should not just pay it lip service. There is only one way to end the persecution, and that is all Dafa disciples unconditionally follow Master's requirements and cultivate away human mentalities, offer the sentient beings salvation, and fulfill Dafa practitioners' historic missions. In this way, this persecution will naturally end.

Unfortunately, some of the practitioners (whom I know) still do not understand what cultivating oneself means. They do not know how to look inward and still have a pile of attachments. They are afraid of being persecuted and at the same time hold a resentful mindset toward the persecution with their human mentalities. They believe that, by having this kind of hateful mindset, they are not acknowledging the persecution and the old forces' arrangements. I have kept thinking about this issue: we have cultivated for so many years, but many of us still have so many human attachments. If the persecution had ended now, where would we have positioned ourselves? It is really painful for us to not cherish this time that has been extended!

Master is benevolent. How Master cherishes the sentient beings exceeds our imagination. The persecution is still going on. It is not that Master has not noticed the disciples' suffering. We should know that Master has cherished us more than we do ourselves. For the consummation of Dafa practitioners and for the salvation of all beings in the cosmos, Master has been controlling the Fa-rectification process on the whole. We are the beings of the new cosmos, so we should not just think about ourselves. In whatever we do, we should think about the Fa-rectification, about the sentient beings, and about others; and this is the only realm that Dafa disciples should have.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is incorrect.

July 27, 2009